Randy Couture vs James Toney UFC 118 Results: Couture By Triangle Choke Submission

Many thought the UFC 118 co-main event match between Randy Couture and James Toney was a joke and I would tend to agree. At UFC 118 in Boston, the joke is on Toney as his trash talking did not take him anywhere beyond the first round.

The fight was intriguing with hype on a boxing versus mixed martial arts bout. James Toney being a heavyweight boxing champ had a puncher’s chance to pull off an upset knockout win and the four-ounce gloves would be to his advantage.   

Randy Couture is just way too smart and experienced for Toney to land any clean punch. In the opening seconds of the first round, Couture easily took James down and worked from there. Toney could not offer any defense at all as Couture was simply taking full control of the fight on the ground. By the 3:19 mark, it was all over as Couture submitted Toney with a triangle choke.

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