Qualifying Results of the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai F1 2010

The Formula 1 race has moved on to Shanghai, China.   Amazing progress is on the works for our favorite teams.  Red Bull – Renault is doing a pretty good job keeping on top of the game by having Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber effortlessly fall on top of the grid.  They are followed by Fernando Alonzo of Ferrari.  Felipe Massa was on 7th grid.

Meanwhile, our favorite legend Michael Schumacher has not been doing good but at least he made it to the top 10 grid.  Still not enough for the awesome driver that he was.  If he would have came back with Ferrari (his old team), how different would things be?  What do you think?

Click here for the complete list of the Qualifying grid and the best times of the drivers.

*photo credit: F1 Fanatic blog

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