PS3 Update: Playstation 3 Firmware Update 3.21

I don’t know if this a good news for all Playstation 3 players out there as Sony announced a new firmware update 3.21 in its PS3 game consoles.

In an effort to eliminate rampant piracy among Playstation 3 games, the firmware 3.21 update announced by Sony will disable the OS installation function in PS3 game consoles.

Usually, when Sony announce a new firmware update in its Playstation console games, it is meant to add new features. However, with this new 3.21 firmware update, a lot of Playstation players are quite disappointed as they will now be forced to buy original PS3 games from Sony and its partners to be able to play them in their Playstation 3 consoles in case they update their Playstation 3 game consoles.

However, various Playstation 3 users who are currently using the “Other OS” feature of their PS3’s can opt not to upgrade their PS3 systems to the latest 3.21 firmware update. The drawback of that move is you cannot access the following features that are previously accessible:

– “Ability to sign in to PlayStation Network and use network features that require signing in to PlayStation Network, such as online features of PS3 games and chat.

– “Playback of PS3 software titles or Blu-ray Disc videos that require PS3 system software version 3.21 or later.”

– “Playback of copyright-protected videos that are stored on a media server (when DTCP-IP is enabled under Settings)”

– “Use of new features and improvements that are available on PS3 system software 3.21 or later.”

In addition, for those who are willing to update their PS3 systems to this latest 3.21 firmware which is around 100MB, they should back up first all data stored in their Playstation 3 hard drives as they can no longer access these after installation of the latest PS3 firmware 3.21 update.

22 thoughts on “PS3 Update: Playstation 3 Firmware Update 3.21

  1. You FAIL! PS3 has never been pirated it was close to being HACKED NOT PIRATED this is the most BS site ive ever read on.

  2. I’m actually a little more dissappointed that I didn’t know I couldve been playing burned games before this update! Lol…but whatever, they couldve thrown in some features to at least sway us from the fact that I won’t get the 10min it took to update for nothing back

  3. im wondering why my system cannot complete the update, i want it too be updated so i can sign in too play MW2 online. If someone has an answer from me nd can help me please let me know by contacting me at

  4. WHAT!? What do you mean “Forced to but the PS1 originals”!? I have a bunch of PS1 game disks. Are you saying I won’t be able to play them!? And why the FUCK will I not be able to access my saved data!!!??? I just updated… God damnit. Not that I had a choice anyways…

  5. This is utter Bullshit. Your telling me that if i install this patch i can’t use my Kubuntu mod for my Ps3 My friends and i were developing. And now your telling me that it is worthless or pay the price of not having an online option? I hate this. And i am no longer going to be supporting the Playstation 3 until they lift this band or until the ps4 comes out(no im not a fanboy just a piss off coder who happens to own a ps3). I hope this is just a April fools joke. if not then i want to make a petition for sony to remove this blasted update, or make a compromise. (at least they had the decency of canceling the update).

  6. I turned on my pS3 console today and my favorite game requres me to login to the Playstation network. I login and it says I need a system update. It says 3.21 is the latest upgrade and says I need to agree to license agreement. It starts downloading update data, and sits, and sits, and sits, ands sits, and then take a shit. After trying to download this “”system upgrade”” over, and over, and over again, it still does nothing. Now after 4 hours of retrying, and waiting, and wating some more still nothing. It’s 12AM mid-night, there is nobody on the net, every is sleeping, and the net is not bogged down with web crawlers,
    so why is this “”system upgrade”” not downloading?
    Why is there not an option to do this download at another time?
    Why is this PS3 console with 120GB storage space just sitting with 6%, then 17% downloaded?

    Why can I not play or do anything? The name of this system is “”PLAY STATION””, but I am not playing a damn thing. In about 10 minutes I am putting a 380 magnum bullet thru this damn thing and sending it back to Sony!

    Gee, thanks SONY for screwing up my brand new “Play Station”. I only got two months of play out of it before you screwed it up. As a consumer I have many other options for my entertaiment, and SONY IS NO LONGER ON MY BUY LIST.

  7. Wooow, that’s bull, one of the reason’s I chose the ps3 is for the ability to install linux on it for browsing the web. It would’t be that bad if the browser wasn’t extremely buggy, but still, I think this is a bad move on their part.

  8. Ummm… Rampant piracy? AFAIK the PS3 has not been cracked. Any game played has been purchased (or rented) which means the people playing them HAVE payed for them. Maybe you should do a little research before pretending to post something worthwhile.

  9. You would be correct J. The writer clearly has put little effort into this article.
    1. Piracy is not rampant.
    2. People will not be forced to buy original games after the update as opposed to before, as before they also had no choice.
    3. You do not have to back up *all* your data and the HDD can still be accessed. They will just have a useless partition that was used for Linux. To free up that space than you would need to back up your data (which, in regards to some save games – KZ2 – isn’t possible) and reformat the drive.

  10. at Jew, u didnt notice that they released this update description over 3 days ago? they pissed off the community and invigorated hackers… that would be a little extreme for an april fools joke. even if it turns out it is (im praying) the hacking community has been motivated to move against sony. Piracy is not rampant, its nonexistant on the ps3, they dont have much to complain about seeing as its survived 4 years and most other systems were hacked much faster – i give props to sony for that.

  11. If you have been affected by this file a complaint to the BBB and the FTC.

    It is very easy and completely online forms. Just go to the respective websites <— click on file a complaint <— click on complaint assistant

    Here is the address for SCEA
    Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.
    919 E Hillsdale Blvd 2nd Floor
    Foster City Ca 94404-4247

  12. Playstation 3 games have never ever been pirated, please verify this fact for yourselves and correct this article. Normally I wouldn’t care, but this is an issue of consumer rights, and spreading misinformation only makes it harder for the layman to decide how they feel about this issue.

  13. Sony was scared…and it sucks,the update contains errors. I updated my PS3 for the online games,the problem is it causes DNS errors from time to time which makes playing very time consuming…because the PS3 stops and you have to turn it off and on again to play. It sucks to the fullest…Sony…you’re better than this. At least make the update free of errors…that all.

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