Protests Erupt in Israel

Israel Protest

Change may be coming in Israel.

An estimated 30,000 protesters marched the streets of Tel Aviv demanding social justice and chanting “revolution.”

What began as a protest to rising prices of housing has grown to include other progressive and social causes. It was fueled by the government’s hostile remarks and evasive attitude, claiming they are simply leftwing propaganda. These responses from Netanyahu and his government officials’ only enflamed anger and strengthened the protesters’ convictions. The issues now concern union and women’s rights, reform on education, and other things.

Described as “the greatest challenge PM Netanyahu faces on the home front,” the protests show that the progressive left has awoken in Israel.

Although these protests started on a very different tone as those of their neighboring countries, the essence is the same: that of dissatisfaction with the ruling regime.

As these protests spread, it is expected to include more pressing issues and pro-democracy calls.

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