Proposition 8 Overtured: Gay Marriage Now Legal Again in California

Proposition 8 Overtured: Gay Marriage Now Legal in California – Perhaps this is one of the best news for gay couples out there most especially in California as Proposition 8, the amendment to the California State Constitution that prohibits the state from recognizing same-sex marriages performed on or after November 5, 2008 was overtured.

Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that Proposition 8 violated civil rights. Perry v. Schwarzenegger, the federal lawsuit decided by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, that challenged the federal constitutional validity of California’s Proposition 8 was now put into trash as the court decided in favor of the plaintiffs.

Thousands of gay couples including gay celebrities shared the news on Proposition 8 overturing to their Twitter accounts Ellen Degeneres said: “This just in: Equality won!”; Adam Lambert said: “We’re gonna throw glitter on this barn tonight!!!”; and Ricky Martin said: “YEAHHHHH!!!!! #PROP8UNCONSTITUTIONAL MOVING FORWARD!!!!!!!!”

Despite the favorable ruling for same-sex couples, gay marriage will not immediately resume in California. Judge Vaughn Walker issued a temporary stay order that stops his ruling from being implemented immediately. He said he wants to decide whether to suspend his decision while it goes through the appeal process. Among the states in the US that where gay marriage are legal include New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont, and Washington, D.C.

What are your reactions to this Proposition 8 overture? Are you pro or against it? It would be interesting to know the comments from straight persons most especially from straight guys.

2 thoughts on “Proposition 8 Overtured: Gay Marriage Now Legal Again in California

  1. THIS IS AMAZING NEWS!!!! I recall being at my first gay pride festival in west los angeles back in 1996, I was very young and in my 2nd lesbian relationship. That relationship was definitely not “the one”, but.. I remember many people walking around and talking about not having equal rights to marry their same sex partners.

    This has since become all of our fight— we won. I am now with and very much in love with “the one” I cannot wait to tell her that we do not have to go to hawaii or anywhere else to marry. We can and will get married here. In California… Just think, I almost moved to New Hampshire last month.

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