Pro Football Hall of Fame News: Lawrence Taylor Charged with Rape

Ex-NFL superstar Lawrence Taylor is currently charged with Rape of a 16-year old girl who ran away from her home. If proven guilty, he will not only go to jail, but he will be put down from the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame List.

Taylor isn’t just the greatest linebacker (and perhaps greatest overall defensive player) to walk the face of the Earth, he’s a celebrity. Putting Taylor of the Pro Football Hall of Fame is still a running debate among sports commissioners since the basis for being put on the Hall of Fame was performance on  the football field and not outside it.

Other than the current rape issue, Taylor also had a highly publicized struggle with drug addiction and has had multiple legal run-ins since retiring from football. Last Thursday, Taylor was arraignedon charges of third-degree rape and patronizing a prostitute and posted a bail worth $75,000.

Arthur Aidala, Taylor’s lawyer said he is a “loving family man” who did not have sex with the teenager and wouldn’t rape anyone. Taylor is facing charges for third-degree rape , which is when the victim is under the age of consent (17 years old in New York City).

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