Printable Veterans Day Activities for Kids and Students

Veterans Day is that day of the year where we remember how our soldiers turned into our country’s heroes by serving for us all. ¬†We recognize and honor the Veterans today November 11 by remembering the courage they had to fight for our country.

It’s time to let the kids and the students be aware of the Veterans Day holiday and to better do this, worksheet assignments and classroom activities are the best way for them understand what this day means.

Here are the list of online resources for different Veterans Day worksheets for kids and Veterans Day activities for students.

1.  Matching the syllables on different Veterans Day words activity.

2. Match 3 syllables to create 10 Veterans Day words worksheet.

3. Putting different Veterans Day words in order.

4. US Flag activity sheet enabling students to encircle the correct spelling of flag terms.

5. Veterans Day Crossword Puzzle.

More Veterans Day workshop and activities here.

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