President Obama Appears on The View

President Barack Obama appeared on The View and became the first ever commander-in-chief to appear on a daytime talk show.

Why The View? President Obama said, “Look, I was trying to find a show that Michelle actually watched and so I thought this is it, right here,”

Even legendary TV interviewer Barbara Walters was elated to have him on the show, opting to cut short her open-heart surgery recovery time to be present for the historic interview. She was not going to let him off easy, though, as she asked the President to recount the highs and lows of his stint at the White House over the past few months.

According to the President, one of the highs is spending a few days in Maine with Michelle, Sasha and Malia. “They’re not quite teenagers yet, so they still like you,” he said about spending time with his daughters.

As for the “lows”, the President found it hard to even begin enumerating but was finally able to mention a few, starting with the loss of 750,000 jobs per month at the start of his term, the shrinking economy, the stabilization of the financial system, dropping home prices, the oil spill, two wars and the H1N1 epidemic.

Aside from political issues, President Obama was also asked about pop culture, with topics ranging from Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, to music on his iPod, Justin Bieber and the upcoming wedding of Chelsea Clinton.

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