President Obama’s New Oval Office

While the Obama family was vacationing over at Martha’s Vineyard, the President’s oval office at the White House was having a make-over with a decidedly New Yorker flavor.

Far from being a major overhaul, although the improvements were from top to bottom, the newly re-designed oval office now sports striped wallpaper from Amagansett in the Hamptons. Other additions are the President’s brown leather desk chair, custom-made couches, two table lamps with blue ceramic bases and a coffee table made of American walnut and mica. All these were crafted by New York Manufacturers.

The White House declined to disclose how much the renovations cost, but they did say the price tag was not paid with taxpayers’ money and was in line with the cost recent presidents have spent to add their personal touches to the room.  

Probably the most noticeable change in the made-over room’s look was the absence of the sunburst design rug commissioned by former First Lady Laura Bush. It has been replaced by a wheat, cream and blue oval rug with five historical quotations along the edge which were chosen by Obama. It also features the presidential seal and is said to be made of 25% recycled wool.

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