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President Barack Obama’s Social Security Number Issues Revealed and Questioned

March 12, 2015 by · 2 Comments 

There have been issues lately with regards to President Obama’s Social Security Number. Two private investigators are currently working in progress to sorting out inconsistencies with the US President’s Social Security Number. Three main issues are being questioned by many lately:

For one thing, the Social Security number that was released from Connecticut wasn’t issued in Obama’s place of origin. Obama’s Social Security Number also appears to have been recycled. Investigation tells that the social security number has been issued to an individual born in 1890. Experts then assumed that Obama took a deceased citizens Social Security Number prior to 1986 . Investigators also find it weird that it was only at least two years after Obama’s first employment record that he had an issued Social Security Number.

While President Obama takes a beating about the said issues, Search Engine giant Google Inc. was said to be supporting a news blackout over President Obama’s strange Social Security number by diverting searches for news reports on the issue to unrelated stories about Elena Kagan, Oil, Tampa and the Federal Reserve. Well, if you readers are seeing this post, then the Google issue is definitely just for kicks.

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2 Responses to “President Barack Obama’s Social Security Number Issues Revealed and Questioned”
  1. Tracy says:

    “Investigation tells that the social security number has been issued to an individual born in 1890” ——-HA HA HA HA you have GOT to be kidding me. Do you really think we are so stupid to think there were actually SS numbers back in 1890? Try again.

    • michelle b says:

      As one of your Republican 99ers, there are more important things for you guys to be concerned with, that is the problem with Republicans, you only think of smearing people, I am going independent this year, people are hopeless, almost homeless and depressed and you are worried about a social security number and is he cheating. We really dont care at this time, worry about those who cannot find a job.

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