Prayer is the Solution for the Oil Spill – Louisiana Lawmakers Proposed

Up to this very moment, the Gulf Oil Spill issue is still on its heights. BP has done several solutions for it to stop but it seems no progress has been reported yet. The Gulf Oil Spill has been creating vast damage to the marine life already as well to the lives of the people living near the Gulf.

Louisiana lawmakers are proposing a different approach to solve this thing. It is through PRAYER. “Thus far efforts made by mortals to try to solve the crisis have been to no avail,” state Sen. Robert Adley said in a statement released after last week’s unanimous vote for the day of prayer. “It is clearly time for a miracle for us.” -CNN.

The state senators has passed a resolution saying that Sunday would be designated as a day for citizens to ask for God’s help dealing with the oil disaster. It calls on people of all religions throughout the Gulf Coast “to pray for an end to this environmental emergency, sparing us all from the destruction of both culture and livelihood.”

60,000 barrels (2.5 million gallons) of oil may be gushing into the Gulf every day and it continues to gush up to this time. To whether when it would stop, no one knows. Prayer is a powerful and miraculous tool to solve any problem. Louisiana lawmakers made a clear point on this.

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