Updated: Playstation Network (PSN) Error 8001050F resolved

Finally, after 24 hours the weird 8001050F error, others call it as 8001050F bug was finally resolved. The speculations about the error is caused by the leap year problem were right.

More and more users left a comment in our first post about PS3 Error 8001050F claiming that they can now play with their PS3 and everything is back to normal.

This is a great news to everyone, specially to those who are ranting and saying that Playstation and Sony sucks. The wait is over and if you’re patient enough to wait for this moment, then good for you.

Your patience is now rewarded and now you can play with your favorite online games in the best and most awesome gaming console in the entire universe!

For those who are still encountering this weird bug, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and share your thoughts about this resolved PSN error.

Update 03/01/10: Patrick Seybold released an official statement in the Playstation blog and he said that the error has been resolved.

We are aware that the internal clock functionality in the PS3 units other than the slim model, recognized the year 2010 as a leap year. Having the internal clock date change from February 29 to March 1 (both GMT), we have verified that the symptoms are now resolved and that users are able to use their PS3 normally.

If the time displayed on the XMB is still incorrect, users are able to adjust time settings manually or via the internet. If we have new information, we will update you through the PlayStation.Blog or PlayStation.com.

32 thoughts on “Updated: Playstation Network (PSN) Error 8001050F resolved

  1. Follow these simple steps and it will be fixed without loss of anything.
    1. Unplug your ethernet cable
    2. Turn on your ps3
    3. Go to system settings and reset to default settings
    4. Once you’ve reset your ps3, now plug in your ethernet cable
    5. Go to network settings and select internet connection settings
    6. Set your settings
    7. Now go over to playstation network and select sign in
    8. Re-enter your email and password to your account and sign in
    9. Problem solved
    Worked for me and my parents’ ps3. My online name is Randerith, feel free to add me to your list if you wish to thank me or own some scrubs on COD MW2. Happy hunting.

  2. up and runnning (40gb fatty) no trophy loss and i didnt even have to do anything special just turned it on

    psn: Minute_Man_Sam

  3. I wish i knew this before I put all my defult settings on. I thought my girl downloaded something and messed it up b/c 2010 wwe was not playing at all.

  4. Ya looks like the signing in part is fixed but the lost trophies havent been fixed yet. I tried synching my trophies info but my heavy rain trophies are still missing. Is it localised to just heavy rain trophies? or are there any other games where the trophies got lost?

  5. So, I’m back up and running, I can play my games (Mag, Heavy Rain, and the Borderlands DLC that I just downloaded) however, my time and date are still quite off. The date is telling me that it is 4/29, which obviously it is not. That being said, I could care less if my system doesn’t know to tell me happy birthday or whatever else the calender could possibly be used for. I can play my games and that’s what matters. To the trophy whores that are concerned that you lost them, I hope they resolve that issue for you too, be patient, it’s only been 24 hours, go out to the bar and have some fun with real life people, it’ll probably be good by tomorrow night. If you’re not old enough to drink, go to bed, it’s a school night. To everyone else, Enjoy, it’s much better to be down for a night than to find out you got the RLOD… again… and somehow MS has gotten away with no longer giving a 3 year warranty on it….

    PSN: BretMcKenzie
    GT: Weeeenah

    P.S. Thank you Sony for resolving the matter quickly (though somebody really screwed the pooch on this one. I thought you asians were good enough at math to calculate when leapyear would be, o well).

  6. i lost my mw2 trophies!…so i deleted the data and restarted the ps3 & there back! LOL only 51% tho….only delete data not save game.

  7. it was up n working for me around three o clock PM today… and people were already talking about PS3 fans switching over to XBOX, i’d be good with a 24hour bug every 2 years as opposed to a ring of death that leaves you without a system until you buy a new one… and risk of getting another faulty system with the same brand…

  8. Well it fixed juss finished playin mw2 online
    but now heavy rain won’t load the chapter I
    stopped off at any hints or tips?help!!!!!! Oh
    ndy trophies r gone too 🙁

  9. lol, i told mum that my ps3 was not working, neither was the rst of the world. come home to day turn it on and it works, one hr later mum comes home from work with a ps3 slim 120gb. it was a bit awkward lol.

  10. As happy as i am that my ps3 is working again…..why do sony have to lie and say its a leap year bug…a leap year isnt for another 2 years…how was their computers programmed :S

  11. I’m with Dustin.. If it’s free, you can’t complain with it being down for 1 day… A lot more stable than Game Spy used to be on it’s own..

  12. I think the 360 could have gotten hit as well since the day before I knew about this ps3 fun Microsoft did an update for the PC for day light savings, so who knows, there might be a patch for my Xbox 360 as well.

  13. To Rob dont worry about your loss of thorphys. one of my game lost there thorhys but now that its fixed it will be back. the same thing hapened to me.

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