Playstation Network Down: How to Fix PS3 Error Code 8001050F

All PS3 users around the world are annoyed of this latest error from PS3. The error code 8001050F is the so-called error of the century. John Morgan, an avid PS3 player said during an interview that “This is the worst Playstation 3 error that I’ve encountered so far and still, it has no fix from Sony for almost 24 hours now”.

Many PS3 users around the globe are now ranting in Twitter, Facebook, and other well-known social networks. This is really a big problem, specially when you’re a PS3 addict.

There are temporary fixes available in the web, but it will just waste your time. Just like this joke. At first, you thought it’s the fix that you’re looking for, but you’re just dragged into joke town.

To be honest, there’s no fix for error code 8001050F. All we need to do now is pray and be patient. Let’s do hope that God will help Sony fix this problem.

For the meantime, let’s just sit and relax and play offline games with our PS3. Just turn on your console and disable your router, so that it will not attempt to connect to the internet and you can play with your games offline.

352 thoughts on “Playstation Network Down: How to Fix PS3 Error Code 8001050F

  1. Not true on the offline games. If you try to play a game like Fifa 10 for instance, you will get a “Failure to load trophy data; game will quit” error and you can’t even do that. The only two games I have heard that you can play are Infamous and Uncharted 2.

  2. “Just turn on your console and disable your router, so that it will not attempt to connect to the internet and you can play with your games offline.”

    Some games and DLC content, offline or not, will not function.

  3. actually its effecting offline as well, not just online, heavy rain not playing as well. if you have the old “fat” system, your SOL till a fix

  4. i’ve tried everything!!! disable the wireless no luck cant play any games off-line fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this is really starting to piss me off sony please hurry ps3 is like my crack and i need my fix haha

  5. Problem is not all offline games work either. Due to the date flaw on the system trophy data isn’t verifying and stops game play.

  6. umm yea thats nice but you dont have all the information many games cannot be played offline as well especially new titles like heavy rain and Final Fantasy too name just two

  7. I’m at school right now and all I can think about is if Sony fixed the problem. I’ll admit to anyone that COD is the greatest game ever and all I can do now is beat the campain for the fifth time on vetran. I hope to god Sony fixes this crap

  8. Only problem is that playing offline doesnt work either if the game utilizes the trophy system. You should add that in the article.

  9. Well just thought I would let you know that there is also an error with trophy registration that will not allow you to play offline either. Really making alot of people mad..

  10. this is a pain… i can’t believe i bragged so much about ps3 just to have this happened. i hope they fix it soon.

  11. My playstation is not conected to the internet and is still unable to play some games like dragon age, the internet isn’t the problem, this error still pops up

  12. yea dont you just hate when people/websites have to post shit like “how to fix error” and then you click and when you get to the site its the same stupid shit everyone else is sayin and youve just wasted time while a worthless site pulled a sad move just to get view cuz their site sucks?? … yea… i hate that…

  13. SONY just wants to sell more thin PS3 units so they can start devoloping their newest game. We should all just go by XBOX360’s.

  14. Well, you may not even be able to play the campaign because offline functionality is messed up as well. If you have a new Slim instead of an old Phat, you are fine.

  15. I have to admit the PS3 has grown into my daily necessity. You have to have it to recharge for the next day. LOL… lets pray PS3 recover soon. 🙂

  16. Any chance anyone can repost what is said at that address? I cannot access that site from my office system.

  17. It’s still down. They better get this fixed quick or they’ll lose their customers to the 360. I heard it was some sort of virus that someone planted through the PS3 which caused this problem. Is that true?

    ….this sucks.

  18. Yes i hope they do fix this problem soon, Need my online back and besides cant even play offline…. Come on Sony fix this soon.

  19. I have a “fat” PS3 and for somereason i can play just fine. anyone else out there with an old one that can play?

  20. I got the same error code, but it also included with the following note “Trophy Information Ccould Not Be Completed, The Game Will Quit) and I can’t play my PS3 games at all. Anybody else got the one I did? The people that provide jokes for the “fixes” shouldn’t be joking around. If this virus was caused by someone, that person should face severe punishment and ridicule from every PS3 user out there.

  21. 1 that shit’s not funny.!
    2 im fucking heated.!
    3 if it dont come back on. i might cry.!
    4 (too late for that)
    5 did i mention i was heated.!
    6 ima need $100 Dollars in my account after this.! or some extra trophies for WAITING!……
    7 bye….!

  22. Nota : Oblivion works perfectly 🙂 and so does Far Cry 2, Blazing Angels, StarWars the force unleash, and well prety much any game I own except for online only games.

  23. Same here, i just got home from skool to play COD: MW2 but DAMN IT ALL THERES THE DEATH CODE on the screen. most of the time it fixes itself on my ps3… but sometimes it takes 2 weeks to do it! idk wut to do for that time period, paint my nails? oh no, i’m not that kinda girl 😉 but yeah anyway it does to suck…

  24. i guess i’m not pissed off that i cant get online…
    reasons being is ps3 still has the better platform the games are still much better… and the best part… is the on line play is free.. that is so cool..
    it sucks that all the xbox fans out there have to pay to play the same game i have online… but thats the nice thing…
    if this is just the price i have to pay to get back online the so be it…
    but i will say what does suck.. is that for some reason when the online failed it also
    messed up a few ps3 store downloads that i did pay for…
    hope sony makes that right… i would hate to have to pay for that again..

  25. I have this error every time i put in my Oblivion game. was playing it last night, woke up this morning, turned it on and it says “An error occurred during the start up operation (8001050F)” Im to the point that i just want to throw the PlayStation in the garbage im so pissed. Im hoping it just needs a bit to register that the game is in there or something. but as of right now, im really hating the PS3

  26. I have never gone online with my ps3 and it stuffed up when i went to play UFC 2009 Undisputed. I have lost a lot of data due to this. Hopefully Sony hurry up and fix this.

  27. thi is really anoying me im even thinking of switching to xbox lol i cant even play offline games FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  28. The “correspondent” needs to do his or her homework, (and clean up the writing in this article). It is a system date, network, and trophy synchronization issue that touches most games.

    If all we had to do was disconnect and play off-line in the interim, this would not be the lamented issue that it is.

    The aspect of users not being able to play their games, losing trophy and possibly save data, as well as downloaded games, is a looming threat that is causing a lot of concern. And the fact we are one day into it with no news from Sony is quite alarming.

  29. yeah this is gettin to b pretty bullshit. all i want to do is play some fuckin modern warfare. can’t play shit. put the game in and shit don’t work. fuck playstation right about now.

  30. All the Lego games (Star wars, Indiana Jones etc) should be fine as they don’t have trophies. Tested Lego star wars and it’s ok


  32. this sucks alot..i can play pro evo 2009..thats the only game i can play offline,my themes i bought have been corrupted,my mw2 trophies have disappeared and date and time are stuffed..this better get fixed..i’m pissed off if i lose the trophies,we’re the ones that paid over 300 quid for the console and its the ps3 slim that still works?..what a joke!!!can’t play heavy rain or the games i’ve downloaded..i’ve been telling everyone this is the best console..still is right sucks!!
    wish they would just get all these updates and flaws fixed before many people turn away from sony..some of the normal updates have lost trophies and save games and corrupted data for many people and now this stupid thing.

  33. READ THIS!!!! Before I knew there was an outage with the PS Network, I looked for help online since Sony won’t answer the phone. It was posted that a potential fix is to reformat your HDD, IT DOES NOT WORK!! I have now lost all of my saved data and song purchases for Rock Band. I knew it was a risk when I took it, but at the time I thought I may have been the only one with this error 8001050F. It sure would have been nice to hear something from SONY about the system outage, or at least change their recorded message to acknowledge the outage.

  34. It’s terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. This could be a solution! (I have personaly not tried this but ive had roomers about this.)
    Try creating the internet wireless/Router again. (By going into settings and network settings.)
    Try Disabling and leaving your connection off for 10 mins. (Not optional)
    Or Emailing SONY about the playstation network.




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