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Playstation Network Down: How to Fix PS3 Error Code 8001050F

March 1, 2010 by · 352 Comments 

All PS3 users around the world are annoyed of this latest error from PS3. The error code 8001050F is the so-called error of the century. John Morgan, an avid PS3 player said during an interview that “This is the worst Playstation 3 error that I’ve encountered so far and still, it has no fix from Sony for almost 24 hours now”.

Many PS3 users around the globe are now ranting in Twitter, Facebook, and other well-known social networks. This is really a big problem, specially when you’re a PS3 addict.

There are temporary fixes available in the web, but it will just waste your time. Just like this joke. At first, you thought it’s the fix that you’re looking for, but you’re just dragged into joke town.

To be honest, there’s no fix for error code 8001050F. All we need to do now is pray and be patient. Let’s do hope that God will help Sony fix this problem.

For the meantime, let’s just sit and relax and play offline games with our PS3. Just turn on your console and disable your router, so that it will not attempt to connect to the internet and you can play with your games offline.

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352 Responses to “Playstation Network Down: How to Fix PS3 Error Code 8001050F”
  1. Eamon says:

    Dont play offline games either or any games with trophys it will just corrupt data.The problehas to do do with the internal clock not psn.

  2. Deception says:

    As of right now my fat 80gb PS3 is now running properly. Looks like the problem got fixed.

  3. contra says:

    FIXED! All you need to do is
    1. Turn off PS3 and turn it back on.
    2. Disable Internet connection
    3. Manually set date and time
    4. Enable Internet connection

    Now you can PLAY!

  4. Adam says:

    Its back from the dead for me =D

  5. nico says:

    Wow wow wow people, at first I was annoyed like you guys, then I though maybe if I try to buy a game from the the psn store maybe it will actually do some’, did it and it fixed it! you might as well give it a try before freakin’out
    Nico your A/V tech

  6. Makaveli69@PSN says:

    just so everyone is aware PS3 does host trophies without the network, the only trophies that require a connection whatsoever are those you can only get during online play, so stop being retard noobs like SPChamp1 and make sure you know shit before you talk it, the only thing trophies have to do with PSN is to compare with other players and attach a ranking to your “portable ID”, but i on the other hand have no clue wtf a clock error has to do with your trophies or why the f**k my fallout 3 and World at War trophies no longer exist on my console, the psn website says i have none at all and my profile on my brothers friendlist says i have 247 which is what i had a week ago last time I sync’d, but again so you ppl know the trophy information is booted up from the disc not PSN or the software file in the case of games stored on your HDD so any trophy that does not require an online play session to earn can be earned without any connection just fine, your friends just wont be able to see them till you sync up!

  7. ResideeentEvil23 says:

    Playstation network is Fixed, Came back online 25 min. ago

  8. nico says:

    well didn’t actually bought anything but that way I was able to log on baby, that’s right!
    Still Nico your F……. good A/V tech

  9. joey says:

    I dont give two sh!ts about trophies my concern is i purchased many newer games and i am unable to play them. when all is said and done all ps3 users should be compensated. sony should offer a free download of a full game to all.

  10. PaperWeight says:

    PS3 80 Gb for sale. CHEAP.

  11. n says:

    ur a stupid b*tch

  12. A User With PS3 Information says:

    Either they have fixed it or i may have found a solution.

    Step-by-step solution

    1) Turn off your PS3
    2) Turn off the power switch
    3) Unplug your Ethernet cord (if you have one)
    4) Wait like 10-20 minutes
    5) Plug your Ethernet cord back in
    6) Turn your power switch to on
    7) Then turn on your system

    This worked for me so either this is a solution has fixed it or Sony fixed the software problem.

    Let me know if it helped.

  13. GroovyBri says:

    I took back up battery out of mine, is out of warranty anyways so I had nothing to lose. plugged back in and WALA!!! 🙂 it worked, i’m back online. had to ok the date, i just ok’d with default. Not recommended for anyone who is unsure, it is very delicate in there, was good time to clean out the accumulation of dust bunnies.

  14. cheese head says:

    nice wood chipper comment i got a ps3 that the dog pissed on that we can run through that!!!!!!!

  15. lee says:

    mines ixed now worked 1 min after midnight hope you guys r fixed too

  16. Evan says:

    Hey guys, I want you to check out my most recent upload on Youtube that my help you save your trophies, so far its been a help for me. I will be uploading more videos on the way as-well hope this helps you guys.

  17. mike says:

    PSN is back up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6:41pm cst 3-1-10

  18. Dark Agent says:

    mine is running again yay ^_^

  19. daniel b says:

    yo my ps3 is back working im play modern warfare2 right now

  20. seriusplaya says:

    Are you serius?,ah no I am ,but still WTF? with this $399 x $65 dollar a game you cant play your system or it will corrupt W.A.F.J.

  21. scott says:

    you people are pathetic just over 24 hours and your crying crying waaa waaa.its a game lost for 1 day i already see people whose were donw playing again just now!1 probably just an update had nothing to do with time

  22. chase says:

    mine is still broken i tried all those things i just want to play cod someone help

  23. Cal says:

    When is a class action going to be part of this equation? I know I’m looking around.

  24. Taylor says:

    DUDE and dudetts IT WORKS all i didwas change my time and date to current and it works!

  25. ccbrutaltruth says:

    itz still not fuckin workin ima bout to get an xbox instead fuck sony them little fuckz

  26. pablopicaso says:

    well im glad to hear that at least some peoples ps3s are coming back from the dead so that gives me some hope haha

  27. Bobo says:

    Your all clowns its back working since 11.40…muppets!!

  28. jacob says:

    some asshole told me to reset the ps3 and i did and it screwed it over this is bullshit

  29. rahmy says:

    i knew how to solve fuckin PS3 8001050F error !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. ccbrutaltruth says:

    wll sony iznt letin mine work so fuck them.

  31. talon7215 says:


    I do not use the online feature, and my offline trophies also cause the error to be active. So, before you go on about being an expert, you might actually want to make sure your brain is in gear prior to engaging your motor mouth.

  32. marineA7X says:

    damn i dont know what the hell happened but i’m glad it’s startin to come back from beyond the grave

  33. ISAAC says:


  34. goretep says:

    Ya know how I fixed it….I went to work came back home and tada it works. But damn now 360 fan boys have something to gloat about…well at least I didn’t have to mail it out to be “fixed”

  35. Checho says:

    Well… As of right now, 12:40 a.m. 03/03/10, my ps3 is working! I didn’t do anything at all…. Just yesterday night around 11 p.m. I tried to play and my ps3 wouldn’t let me! Cause of some damn useless ass trophies couldn’t be uploaded! I wasn’t even trying to play online! It would just start my FIFA 10 and then right at the begining that horrible message would pop up!
    So I looked online for that error code n found out it was the whole ps3 network! So I was like, “f..k it”. All I can do is wait for Sony to fix it! But hey guys! Calm down! We shouldn’t be complaining! IT’S FREE!!!! Gay ass xbox may not have had a problem like this but they charge for it too!!! f that!
    This isn’t the ONLY time a billion dollar co. Has happened too! Idk if this happed in all of u.s. (I thank it did, if I recall) but verizon went down for like a weekend! Wich I bet sucked ball for about half the u.s. Luckly for me I have AT&T! :P. Just an example!
    ohwell! Good talking to u guys! Ima ay with my now working fat 80g ps3

  36. A User With PS3 Information says:

    Either they have fixed it or i may have found a solution.

    Step-by-step solution

    1) Turn off your PS3
    2) Turn off the power switch
    3) Unplug your Ethernet cord (if you have one)
    4) Wait like 10-20 minutes
    5) Plug your Ethernet cord back in
    6) Turn your power switch to on
    7) Then turn on your system

    This worked for me so either this is a solution has fixed it or Sony fixed the software problem.

    Let me know if it helped.

  37. Danish Ali says:

    This is a new fucken problem

  38. chevy____crazy says:

    for people that had there clocks set manually on there ps3 they didnt have a problem with losing data or trophies. when i went and played mw2 locally yesterday it said couldnt download trophies. so i shut it off and tried it again and it worked just fine but i couldnt get online. ive got a fatty 80gb and i set my clock manually. some people have theres set as internet clock and thats what caused the problem (according to them). they fixed the problem at about 8:00 yesterday. they announced it on i got on and it worked fine… oh for all of those s*** talk xbox users: Xbox sucks get over it. it isnt our fault you have to replace it every year

  39. kentucky says:

    my playstation will not read discs anymore. its got the loading circle but nothing happens.

  40. rrrezz says:

    kentucky, we had to send our ps3 in for the same problem, they turned it around pretty quick

  41. lilmits11 says:

    ps3 is shit

  42. Jesusfish says:

    still isn’t working, pieceofshit.

  43. MR.M says:

    just contact the customer service then they will fixed it

  44. joey online says:

    I think it must be out from market, coz it cnnot be play. sony must be back the product.

  45. Jawn says:

    i have this problem now with my 40gb. i got it for like $40.
    he told me it played some games and didn’t others.

    so far i tried:
    Restore System Files > Fail
    Rebuild Database > Fail

    Currently Re Formatting My Hard Drive. 3hrs to complete > Not Done Yet 2hrs 27 min to go

  46. Jawn says:

    Nope didn’t fix it.

    plays DVD Perfectly.

    verdict. typical Bluray Diode Failure.

  47. Jawn says:

    Fixed. it was indeed my bluray laser.
    changed it my self and works great now.


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