Plastic Surgeon Frank Ryan Confirmed To Have Been Texting While Driving

Next to, “Don’t drink and drive” people who drive should bear in mind that they should not use their mobile phones be it to call, to text or to update their Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking accounts because like driving under the influence it could cost them their lives.

This is exactly what happened to plastic surgeon Frank Ryan, whose clients include the likes of Heidi Montag and other celebrities, when he accidentally went over a cliff.

According to his ex-girlfriend, Charmaine Blake, Frank Ryan was texting to send a Twitter message about his border collie, Jill, who was also in the car at the time of the crash. Miraculously, Jill survived despite injuries to the head, eye and paw.

The California Highway Patrol also confirmed that Ryan was texting at the time of the accident. However, investigators have not officially determined the cause of the accident

5 thoughts on “Plastic Surgeon Frank Ryan Confirmed To Have Been Texting While Driving

  1. SMS Replier is available for less $20 for a lifetime license. Oh my goodness! What a shame. What a loss of life! Please stop texting while driving! -Wayne

  2. Most texting accidents end with car wrecks on the side of the road. But who knew that texting could actually cause someone to drive off a cliff? That fact alone means that he had to have been looking down at his phone for at least a few seconds, and that before that he had been so oblivious as to not see the cliff ahead. If only he had been using an app like SMS Replier, this could’ve been easily avoided.

  3. Sad, when will people understand that texting and driving kills? Imagine if you were texting while driving and killed someone. Having to live with yourself knowing you blatantly murdered someone because you had to send that one text at that exact moment. So, please don’t text and drive, it can affect more than just you.

  4. No one is invincible. Just because you have a high paying job and fancy cars doesn’t mean you can’t get injured in an accident. EVERYONE needs to hold their phone calls, texts, tweets, emails, facebook, and BBM until they are safely off the road

  5. I’ve been using SMS Replier for a while, it’s pretty good. I just put my phone on the floor of the passenger seat and don’t worry about it until I reach where I’m going.

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