Planking Which Has Gone Viral Claims Life of a Man in Brisbane, Australia

The death of a man in Australia is being attributed by police authorities to a new internet craze called “planking”, said reports.

According to the report released by authorities, a young man from Brisbane who performed a planking stunt fell from the seventh floor of an apartment building and died on the spot.  Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett in an interview detailed the incident saying,

“This morning we have seen a young man take this activity a step further and attempt to plank on a balcony. Unfortunately he has tragically fallen to his death.”

Planking is the act of lying flat on the floor with arms placed against the body.  This is usually made by “plankers” on dangerous places and situations.  They also photograph these acts and immediately share their photos on social networking sites.

On Facebook, the official page of Planking Australia had already reached more than 10,000 fans.  The page is also loaded with hundreds of photos of members showing their exploits.

This new internet craze alarmed police authorities in Australia warning “plankers” of the risks they are facing.  They revealed that they also have arrested a number of “plankers” in the last two weeks who violated state statutes because of their exploits.

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