Ping on iTunes 10, Apple’s Social Network

Ping on iTunes 10, Apple’s Social Network – One of the topics discussed by Steve Jobs in the recent Apple announcement at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco California is about the developments on the newest version of iTunes, the iTunes 10 with its newest feature, Apple’s Ping.

Ping is the iTunes-only social network that allows users to follow and unfollow friends much like that of Twitter and share information about music purchases, preferences and concerts. Each participating music artist has a ping profile and fans can easily follow them through it to get updated on their latest songs, concerts, etc.

With the introduction of Ping, Apple is moving towards the trend of social media and social networking in general. It will allow Apple to be more interconnected with its existing users to share music information, and ultimately drive more music sales through iTunes via recommendations. However, Ping’s limitation currently is that posts to Ping won’t appear on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter or vice-versa which will likely limit Ping’s perceived utility, sustained usage, and reach. As an Apple user, what do you think of Ping?

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