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Photoshoot For Packers Re-Scheduled For The Injured Reserve

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Super Bowl XLV is just one of the most important sport event in USA and everyone has been looking forward to it. All related news to it are just being posted every now and then. May it be about the venue, the schedule, the teams and most especially the players.

Aside from updating everyone as to where they can watch a free Super Bowl 2011 live stream, most often that not, sports writers are keeping up with what has been going on with the player’s life. They do it through monitoring their social networking sites like Twitter. They often update everyone with what’s going on with them from time to time. It is also their means of reaching out to their fans and airing out their sentiments especially if they can’t say it directly to their big bosses.

This is the very thing that injured linebacker of Packers Nick Barnett and tight end Jermichael Finley did. They resorted to Twitter complaining that they weren’t going to be in the photo of Packers because it was scheduled to be taken Tuesday which is two days before injured players are to arrive in Dallas. It was then brought up to the management and they decided to reschedule the photo for Friday so that everyone could participate.

Coach Mike McCarthy sees what the players did as a “poor decision” when they complained about it in public, but that it was no big deal to change the timing of the photo.

McCarthy would want these petty things to distract the team especially now that they are very busy preparing for the big event.

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