Philippine Presidential Elections: Guidelines and Live Updates

For the first time in the history of the Philippines, the Presidential election would be in automation. In past years, Filipino voters were used to the traditional pen and ballot voting. Although there has been a massive election process campaign nationwide, majority of the voters are still confused and anxious on what are they going to do during election day. Most of them are those computer illiterate individuals, senior citizens, and indigent groups.

Right now, 5-7 precincts has been clustered into 1, that’s why the number of voters in each precincts has tripled and the lane has lengthened tremendously. Patience is indeed a virtue during this time.

I really don’t know of the same process has been happening nationwide but in my precinct, the system goes like this: First you need to check your precinct number. In most cases, your neighbor’s precinct number would likely be the same as yours, so if you would be able to see them around, ask them. Anyway, there has been a Voter Information Sheet given door to door by the Commission of Elections the day before the elections. You would be able to find your precinct number there. If you are an old voter, meaning it’s not your first time to vote, your precinct number is still the same. If your a new voter, and you happened to have an internet connection, you can check your precinct number in the official website of the Commission on Elections.

There has been an official list of voters posted outside your precinct number, look for your name and remember you personal number. There would a table wherein you can see two election personnel. Fall in line, tell them your precinct number and personal number, have it verified, place your signature and you right thumb mark. Then wait for your number to be called to finally cast your vote. After filling up your ballot, go directly to the PCOS machine and insert it. Wait for the confirmation of successful voting. Then have your finger marked with an indelible ink.

The above mentioned process seemed to be very systematic, but in the real scene, a lot of voters are complaining about it. If you really don’t know were to fall in line, you would really have a hard time. The voting hours has been extended up to 7:00pm Philippine time.

I hope this election would be successful.

3 thoughts on “Philippine Presidential Elections: Guidelines and Live Updates

  1. sa relihiyon pa lang dina magkaisa eh pano pa kaya sa pamumuno ng bansa. kanya kanyang kalooban puna dito puna dun siraan dito siraan dun . imbestiga puro porma lang ! bakit may napakulong na ba?


  3. of course it will be slower than the usual process of the election we already know what to do with the old fashion way. but with the automated processing we can’t expect it to be smooth the first time. the process will go faster as far as tallying the votes is concern. in my own opinion, the COMELEC only did their part. we can’t blame them if the people are close minded about paradigm shifts.

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