Philippines Held A National Day of Mourning for Hostage-Taking Victims

Today is a national day of mourning in the Philippines. All flags are on half-mast and government employees observed three minutes of silence wherein all government services, except those for emergency services and border control, have been suspended.

A makeshift shrine was also erected in front of the Quirino Grandstand, where the 11-hour hostage-taking took place, for people who wanted to offer flowers or light candles for the victims.

Four men and four women were killed in the hostage-taking of a bus-load of Hong Kong tourists. One passenger was critically wounded and six others were hospitalized with less serious injuries.

The bodies of the eight people killed, other victims, their families and some Hong Kong officials have been flown to Hong Kong on board a Cathay Pacific flight. Only one other victim remains in intesive care in a hospital in the Philippines.

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