Philippines: At least 10 Might Be Charged in Botched Bus Rescue

The committee investigating the botched Hong Kong tourist bus rescue is only just about to finish the report to be submitted to President Benigno Aquino III later in the week, but this early its chairperson, Justice Secretary Leila De Lima, said at least 10 people might be charged in the bungled rescue of tourists last month.

Secretary De Lima, however, refused to identify the people who might face charges, but they could include officers of the Philippine National Police, at least one public official and at least one journalist.

It will be recalled that former police officer Rolando Mendoza hostaged a bus, loaded with Hong Kong tourists, for more than 10 hours. He was a decorated police officer, but his career went on a downward spiral when he was dismissed a year ago for extortion. One of his demands was to have his case reviewed and reconsidered.

He was initially willing to cooperate with authorities but became violent and went on a shooting spree upon seeing on the bus’ TV that his brother, also a police officer, was being hauled off forcefully to jail.

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