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Philippine Election Results Update: 79% of Precincts Partial Results

February 20, 2015 by · 22 Comments 

Here’s the latest update on Philippine Election Results this 2010. This is the latest gathered data from 79% of clustered polling precincts across the Philippines as of 9:00 AM, May 11, 2010. Currently, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is leading the Presidential race followed by Joseph Ejercito Estrada.

On the Vice-Presidential Race, Jejomar Binay is currently ranked 1, followed by Mar Roxas. Mar Roxas still has a big chance to outnumber Binay’s number of votes because 21% of precincts in the Philippines has not submitted their tally yet.

Here’s latest official tally of who is leading in the Presidential and Vice Presidential race in the Philippine Elections as of 9:00 AM Philippine Time

Partial and Official COMELEC Philippine Election Results (about 79% of polling precincts)
Presidential Race
1. AQUINO, Benigno Simeon III C. 12,527,696 (40.58%)
2. ESTRADA EJERCITO, Joseph M. 7,665,960 (25.72%)
3. VILLAR, Manuel Jr B. 3,926,442 (13.85%)
4. TEODORO, Gilberto Jr. C. 3,766,266 (10.63%)
5. VILLANUEVA, Eduardo C. 1,795,470 (3.10%)
6. GORDON, Richard J. 589,374 (1.54%)
7. ACOSTA, Vetellano S. 124,657 0.52%
8. PERLAS, Jesus Nicanor P 45,357 (0.13%)
9. MADRIGAL, Jamby A. 32,794 (0.12%)
10. DE LOS REYES, John Carlos G. 31,339 (0.11%)
Vice Presidential Race
1. BINAY, Jejomar C. 12,367,117 (40.48%)
2. ROXAS, Manuel A. 11,671,411 ( 36.93%)
3. LEGARDA, Loren B. 3,720,422 (10.40%)
4. FERNANDO, Bayani F. 846,101 (2.90%)
5. MANZANO, Eduardo B. 576,879 (1.78%)
6. YASAY, Perfecto R. 357,030 (1%)
7. SONSA, Jose Y. 53,401 (0.16%)
8. CHIPECO, Jesus Nicanor P 36,971 (0.12%)
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22 Responses to “Philippine Election Results Update: 79% of Precincts Partial Results”
  1. luis salazar says:

    ok naman ang takbo ng election kahit nakakapagod sa haba ng pila ok lang dahil naging mabilis nman ang counting iwas daya…….go NOY-BI

  2. luis salazar says:

    ok lang kahit nakakapagod sa haba ng pila kahgapon sa pag boto msulit naman….basta NOY-BINAY panalo…hehehehe

  3. OMG OMG OMG says:


  4. Vivian cuevas says:

    Must be aquino and roxas are qualified tandem for running our country leaders.they were honest and uncorupt.

  5. dan says:

    do you have the results for senatorial race?

  6. anne says:

    hahai!! c aquino pajud!!!! >;(( kaLain ui!! pwede GIBO nLNg?? hahai! matuLog rana si abNOY sa maLacañang!!!! mama’s boy!!

  7. shut up OMG says:

    To OMG:

    don’t be too judgemental… Aquino is much better than Villar/Estrada. Like what you said, it does not follow whether Kris been a black sheep in their family. Binay has also been good in running Makati.
    Let’s give them the chance to prove what they could do in our country.
    Binay comes from executive and Aquino comes from legislative.
    Good tandem! 🙂
    I hope this will be the turning point of our economy.

  8. sam recto says:


    youre crazy!! they dont have the same beliefs, this wont be good for the country.
    the president and vice president should come from the same party so that the both believe in the same thing and work towards the same goal which will be better for the country and the filipino people so time and resources will not be wasted.


  9. this is the fastest election i’ve ever experienced. I never encountered any annoying moments during the casting of my vote. Thanks to comelec for this electronic voting system.

  10. Jay says:

    It takes more than being uncorrupt to run a country it takes knowledge too. How can people still vote for Joseph Estrada? The Philippine people need to mature in choosing the countries next leader next time.

  11. r12ebus says:

    The votes have been cast and canvassing has started.
    No matter how opposed people are to the apparently inevitable Noynoy-Binay tandem, you’ll just have to stick with it.
    Party differences do not denote difference in belief.
    Noynoy is expected to be a great leader. He must live to that expectation.
    Binay has proven himself as a master planner in microdevelopment. He might have plans for national levels.
    Just because Noy-Mar isn’t winning, it doesn’t mean that Noy-Bi will already be bad for the country. Binay wouldn’t win anyway if people don’t trust him.
    We are not the United States. The “package deal” doesn’t, and will never, apply to our culture.

  12. nilo estador says:

    agree ako sa Noy-Mar tandem parehong di corrupt at di kurakot. Si Binay mayaman ang makati -makati lang yon. Kurakot din at corrupt. Malaki kita ng makati siyempre use your common sense. Sa palagay nyo pag si Binay wala vat saan siya kukuha pambayad utang ng Pilipinas . Pambayad servisyo sa tau -lahat manggaling sa bulsa nya ilibre nya nya lahat. Siyembre mangungurakot para sa mata ng tao libre-sino kukutungan mga may negosyo. gamitin ang utak mga pare at mare

  13. nilo estador says:

    agree ako sa Noy-Mar tandem parehong di corrupt at di kurakot. Si Binay mayaman ang makati -makati lang yon. Kurakot din at corrupt. Malaki kita ng makati siyempre use your common sense. Sa palagay nyo pag si Binay wala vat saan siya kukuha pambayad utang ng Pilipinas . Pambayad servisyo sa tau -lahat manggaling sa bulsa nya ilibre nya nya lahat. Siyembre mangungurakot para sa mata ng tao libre-sino kukutungan mga may negosyo. gamitin ang utak mga pare at mare. Uto-uto kayo madali madala sa propaganda tingnan nyo ang pagkato at paano sumagot ng mahinahon. Ang taong tigre na nawawala sa sarili pakitng tao lang yon.. Kaya gagonoon ang mga utak na di nag-iisip. Gaya-gaya wla sariling panindigan

  14. Cloud Strife says:

    uu nga.. mayaman na nga pala ang makati.. kaya mas lalong yayaman ang mga mayayaman. hihirap lalo nman ang mahihirap, hndi na kayo na dala sa mga pakitang tao lang, mga bubu talaga ang iba. kaya tinawag na indyo ang pinoy noon dahil basta naniniwala kaagad!! bubu!!!Noobs!!

    NoyMar pa rin..!!

  15. punisher says:

    ,we want a fair and just election. this automated election would be the best way! and it waS! im not particular to noy-mar or erap-binay, but they won the crowed, they deserved it. so, don’t lead your mind into puzzlement. its useless. what we could do are to trust and support the future leader. please stop your bubbling there. accept the reality, in fact , that was the reality. 🙂

  16. wayzey says:

    hoy bisayang anne ikaw cgro ang abnoy kumag ka! wahahaha kala mo may alm ka eh bobo ka namn! o eto halikan mo pwet ko ungaz ka! ..NOYNOY RULEZ

  17. emmy says:

    i hope those who are judgmental will reconsider what they are posting here. they should just respect the clear mandate of the people..mas gusto niyo ang corrupt? mas gusto niyo magaling at matalino na masyadong ambisyoso? those are the exact same qualities of GMA.
    so, am thankful it’s noynoy. to those people calling him abnoy == you should do your research! those psychiatric results were found to be fakes. just goes to show na nagcocomment kayo na hindi alam pinagsasabi. moreover, if noynoy is indeed autistic (or as you ignorantly call him “abnoy”) how could he have graduated with a degree in economics from ateneo? dalawa lang yan either mababa quality of education sa ADMU (a premier education institution)or he isn’t abnoy at all.. and well, if abnoy si noynoy sana abnoy na lang tayong lahat at least may utak para maipasa sa mahirap na entrance exam ng ateneo.

    kaya bumabagsak ang bansang ito e puro reklamo at di marunong rumespeto ng karapatan at demokrasya ang ibang tao. you think pag gibo pinili niyo matalino na kayo like him? you think that it’s all about credentials? have you even checked out the statement of assets and liabilities of all the candidates? have you even noticed that most of them lumobo ang pera since they entered politics? si noynoy ang pinaka hindi nangurakot. the philippines don’t need an over intelligent and overly ambitious president.. look what happened with GMA..

    am just glad it’s noynoy, he is someone who has consistently shown that he is not interested in money and other material possessions. at least with the number of votes he got, mas maraming united now. yung mga bitter at sourgraping learn to respect the will of the majority. wag kayo masyadong pahalata how ignorant you are.

  18. emmy says:

    i totally agree with punisher.. totoo yun, we’ve had a long series of dirty elections. we should just be thankful that this election is relatively clean and honest. that is a good start.

  19. bigote says:

    Punisher and Shut Up OMG.

    I agree with punisher and Shut up OMG. People who talk much about something that they dislike are the ones who could not prove anything. Binay was under Cory’s wing way back. So I think their tandem will do great. I love our country and our fellow Filipinos. Only thing I dont like is the way most Filipinos look. THEY COMPLAIN WITHOUT EVEN GIVING THE PERSON A CHANCE TO PROVE THEMSELF. THEY COMPLAIN BEFORE THEY TRY SOMETHING… What makes this country poor is the people whose minds are altered by the belief system they grew up with. Terrible… Its time to move on, learn, understand, accept, APPRECIATE and RISE ABOVE!!!

  20. bigote says:

    Sorry, I meant the way Filipinos THINK not look… =)

  21. Marcelo A. Siblag says:

    Ang mahalaga nairaos ang election na medyo kapanipaniwala. Give all this elected candidates a chance to prove themselves. Kung palpak sila more 6 years to suffer.
    Sana naman maibigay nila ang naipangako nila noong panahon ng kampanya


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