Philadelphia Phillies Acquire Roy Oswalt

The Philadelphia Phillies sent a strong message to the league that they are serious about their title bid. The Phillies got Roy Oswalt from the Houston Astros, thanks in part to Oswalt for waiving his no-trade clause. The Phillies also received around $11 million in exchange for pitcher J.A. Happ and two minor league players.

Oswalt has asked early in the season for a trade as the Phillies have been struggling. The St. Louis Cardinals were one of the teams reportedly interested in Oswalt.

The 32-year old three-time All Star pitcher is set to start in Washington on Friday night. His addition to the Phillies lineup will further bolster their chances to go deep.

The two-time defending champions are currently behind Atlanta in the NL East by three and a half games. With the season still a long way to go, the Phillies can get a good run going now that they are even a better team with Oswalt around.

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