Phantom 102EX As World’s Most Luxurious Electric Car Unveiled By Rolls-Royce

Electric cars are said to be the car of the next generation. Sooner or later, all the cars running on the road would all be electricity fueled. Gasoline stations would soon be replaced by charging stations and th world would then be relying to electricity to be mobile.

Now that electric cars has been proven to be safe to use, manufacturing it comes next. All cars companies have been competing to produce the best electric car that they can make. Luxury comes next, as designs, capability, speed and a lot of factors would be the basis of the clients in choosing.

It would be quite impossible if the renowned maker of luxury cars Rolls-Royce will not manufacture their own. Indeed, they were able to come up with the predicted as the World’s Most Luxurious Electric Car as they unveiled their very own Phantom 102EX.

Phantom 102EX is equipped with the world’s largest electric car battery, weighing 640 kg (1,400 lbs) and has a range of 125 miles and the can be charged as quick as 8 hours. Charging the car can be done easily through induction charging by simply parking the car over special pads buried in the ground. It uses magnetic coupling instead of a regular cable, and has 90% efficiency.

As for speed, Phantom 102EX can go as fast as 60 mph in less than eight seconds with a maximum speed of 100 mph. Currently, it is still an experimental model but if the company could gain interest, it would be manufactured and has been expected to be amounting to $1.6 million.

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