Paula Abdul Won’t be Returning to American Idol

American Idol returnee/producer, Nigel Lythgoe has already quashed the dreams of old-school American Idol fans who had visions of seeing Paula Abdul reuniting with Randy Jackson.

Lythgoe said he would also love to have Paula back, but then “Paula is under contract to another company so she is unavailable.”

According to sources familiar with Paula Abdul’s recently executed contract with CBS, she is prohibited from appearing on any competition show on any other network, both broadcast and cable.

She was reported to have signed a seven-figure deal with CBS in the spring, when it was announced she would judge and be the executive producer at the same time of the upcoming American version of the U.K.’s Got to Dance.

“If Paula did Idol she would get sued big-time by Viacom,” says the source. “She’s locked in exclusively with CBS.”

The source also adds that Paula’s obligation to CBS is for “about five years” and that the only way for her to appear on Idol would be if CBS amended her contract which is not likely to happen.

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