Paul The Octopus: Predicting Who’s Winning World Cup Finals

Hitting up worldwide fame, the Psychic Octopus, Paul the Octopus has amazingly predicted results of all the 6 games of Germany’s FIFA matchs. No miss no so far. The world has been looking forward for is prediction of Germany’s match against Urguay this Sunday morning (Singapore Time).

The Oracle octopus, who was four-for-five at Euro 2008, has boasted a perfect record at this World Cup. It predicted Germany’s wins over Australia, Ghana, England and Argentina by choosing to eat a mussel from boxes emblazoned with the flags of the German team and their rivals.

It doesn’t favor German flag as always since it has forecasted losses to Serbia in the group stage and to Spain in the semi-final yesterday morning (Singapore time).

Whatever would the prediction of Paul will, to win a match would not depend on it. It still boils down to dedication, discipline, perseverance and team work.

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