Patty Murray Wins Washington State In 2010 US Elections

Patty Murray Wins Washington State In 2010 US Elections – The Democratic Senator Patty Murray has gained victory on the close race for the US Senate seat in Washington State.

While the final votes are still being counted, the Republican challenger Dino Rossi has already offered his congratulations to Murray.

Meanwhile, the result leaves the Democrats with 51 seats in the 200-member Senate following Tuesday’s mid-term polls. Republicans, on the other hand, have 46 seats and two in\dependents caucus with the Democrats. The Alaska vote is yet to be counted.

The mid-term elections caused in heavy losses for the Democrats. Despite the state victory, the president’s party lost control of the House of Representatives. It resulted to a reduced majority in the Senate.

The US President Barack Obama campaigned for and supported Murray twice during the run-up to the polls, including at a rally in Seattle which took place just as voters were receiving their ballots.

Washington State has a large number of postal ballots. This is the reason why counting the vote takes longer than other parts of the country.

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