Patio Umbrellas – A Summer Must-Have

With the searing heat, you definitely need some sort of cover whenever you are out on your deck or when you suddenly decide that having brunch near the pool in your backyard is a wonderful idea to enjoy summer at home.

The thing is regardless of your age you should never stay too long under the sun unless you want to wrinkle like a dried-up prune or sufer from heatstroke.

Get one of those nice patio umbrellas if you plan to be out on the garden or patio quite a lot.

Choose a patio umbrella with a canopy that has a UPF 50 rating at the very least. Wooden poles are more appealing but if you plan to leave it out on the patio even when it starts to rain you will be better off with a metal pole and a waterproof canopy fabric.

As far as umbrella ribs are concerned, the rule of thumb is, “the more the sturdier” and for the umbrella size, it is, “the bigger the better”. See to it that the diameter of your patio umbrella is at least three times more than the diameter of the table or area you are planning to put under the shade.

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