Paris Hilton Busted with a Pot Again!

The heiress, once again was caught by authorities with a marijuana in her purse at the French island of Corsica.

She was stopped at the airport in Figari after arriving on a private jet from Paris on Friday. However, few hours later, she was released without charges.

This kind of scene is not new to Paris, she was also caught to be smoking with marijuana in South Africa as she and a friend were watching FIFA.

Again, afterwards she was released without charges. As to what People has written: After being questioned by South African police on July 2, Hilton’s rep says she was cleared of any wrongdoing – that “the incident was a complete misunderstanding” and that “the case [had] been dropped against Paris.” .

After all these things, she will continue her summer vacation travels in Sardinia, Italy. No comments yet from her representative yet p

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