Paraguay vs Spain Highlights and Recap (Video)

It seems that my predictions all failed today since Spain did win against Paraguay. This only means that the World Cup 2010 had become the most unpredictable in all the World Cup. France, Italy, England, Brazil and then Argentina all thrown out of the World Cup 2010 competition.

Spain's striker David Villa (front) and Paraguay's defender Paulo da Silva eye the ball during the 2010 World Cup quarter-final football match Paraguay vs. Spain on July 3, 2010 at Ellis Park stadium in Johannesburg. (Photo credit JUAN MABROMATA/AFP/Getty Images)

Spain and Germany were the only World Cup veterans who remains in the running and on the semifinals this two will face each other in a do-or-die match. Whoever wins will either battle Uruguay or Netherlands.

The win of Spain was handed down by the lone goal of David Villa at the 82nd minute. However, the goal alone of Villa was not the only reason why Spain win, Casillas, Spain’s goalkeeper was in fact part of that.

Casillas made important goal saves, one during a penalty kick and two others later in the game. His eye for the ball made a difference for if not Paraguay would have walk away as the winners.

“Then Casillas, he was extraordinary,” del Bosque said. “Two magnificent stops there.”

During the end of the period, Spanish players put more emphasis on what Casillas did as they rushed and mob him to celebrate their victory.

When Spain faces Germany for the semifinals it would be a royal rumble of sorts as football rivals face each other once more. Spain has the edge in going to the semifinals and players like Villa, Xavi, Iniesta, Xabi Alonso, Ramos and Fabregas, they have the better chance of winning.

Here are two highlights from the Paraguay vs Argentina game:



2 thoughts on “Paraguay vs Spain Highlights and Recap (Video)

  1. During the penalty kick taken by Paraguay, it appears that Spain’s players encroched. Seems to me that Paraguay should have had a second opportuity on that penalty kick. The video shows 2 or 3 of Spain’s players that seem to be over the penalty box line and arc at the time the balled is first touched. Do you have a video from wider angle so that we can get a better look at this? I believe that ESPN showed such a clip right after the game, but the announcers said nothing about what appeared to be encroachment. — Bob

  2. I stopped the video at the moment of the Paraguay player’s impact with the ball, and on the left side of the screen you can see two of Spain’s players have encroached. Therefore, the minimum number of encroaching players for Spain is two. There may be more.

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