Pampers Recall Adds Another Procter and Gamble Mishap

After the shares of Procter and Gamble fell sharply last Thursday afternoon at the New York Stock Exchange Market, it now faces another problem in one of its brands. Leading diaper brand Pampers had a recall with its Dry Max technology, saying that a chemical within the diapers caused chemical burns and rashes to babies.

Procter and Gamble however claimed that there’s no single evidence in proving that even a single baby had a diaper rash in using their premium branded diaper line. Pediatric dermatologists have confirmed the company‚Äôs stance that the diapers do not pose any more risk of rash than the previous version. Procter and Gamble also said that if there’s something wrong, they would announce a recall immediately.

For now, there is no diaper recall from P&G, but parents who are concerned about the safety or have a complaint about the product are urged to call the US Consumer Product Safety Commission hotline at 1-800-638-2772.

3 thoughts on “Pampers Recall Adds Another Procter and Gamble Mishap

  1. Hi Anne…You should correct your story immediately. Contrary to your report, there has NOT been any recall of the Pampers DryMax diaper. In fact there have been relatively few complaints. Pampers released a statement today indicating that rumors that this product causes rashes and burns is completely false and perpetuated by social media opponents. Please review and revise accordingly. I am working with Pampers on this matter. Feel free to contact me as required at my email address. Thank you,

    David Paine

  2. True, Pampers has not yet issued a recall although it is currently facing a probability.

    David Paine, everyone working with or for Pampers/P&G cannot be trusted since information is coming from within and a recall on a key product line will certainly affect your company performance. All your statements are not externally audited… especially when rashes/burns have been a PERSONAL experience.

  3. Hey, it’s back or white. They either issued a recall or they didn’t. If they didn’t (and according to my quick research, they haven’t), Anne needs to immediately issue a retraction.

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