Pacquiao Wants To Defeat Poverty Next To Mosley

One of the most celebrated athletes in the world is the pound for pound king boxer from the Philippines Manny Pacquiao. At this very moment, the entire world has been preparing for his upcoming fight this weekend against Sugar Shane Mosley. The winner of the bout would be having the WBO Welterweight belt.

A lot of people are so confident that Pacquiao would definitely knockout Mosley. In fact, bets favoring him are all over the internet and the bets are huge. Pacquiao and Mosley are also ensuring all their fans that they are going to put up a very good fight.

Aside from being a world class boxer, Manny Pacquiao is also a public servant in his country being a congressman. Aside from winning all his boxing fight, Pacquiao is also fighting another important thing and that is the problem of poverty in his country. “I believe this world needs new heroes. The biggest fight in my life is not in boxing but it is now to end poverty in my country,” he said. In all his fights, he carries his flag proudly and this weekend he will be wearing yellow gloves as a sign of unity.

He said all those words in a press conference, which was done inside the MGM Hotel’s Hollywood Theatre. Amazingly, the event wasn’t all about trash talks just like other press conferences of other fighters. “The fight will happen without the trash talk and it’s a good example to the children who idolize the fighters. In my life it’s my experience that the best promotion has been the Shane Mosley fight because everybody is friends,” he added.

This is reason why the entire Philippines would be cheering him up this weekend. Big screens would be set up inside the gymnasiums of several municipalities and cities for the Pacquiao vs Mosley live stream in the entire country. Hotels, restaurants, cinemas and other establishments are also having “pay per view” promos for everyone.

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