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Pacquiao vs Margarito Results and Undercard Highlights

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The boxing world had been shocked once more when a smaller and lighter fighter, Manny Pacquiao defeated a larger and heavier fighter, Antonio Margarito. There was no stunning knockout that happened but you can see the boxing perfection played by Manny Pacquiao and the determination and tenacity shown by Antonio Margarito.

Pacquiao hammered Margarito with his superb speed and boxing tactics. The Mexican suffered 3 cuts, underneath and above his right eye and one below his left eye. Showing sportsmanship, Pacquiao did ask the referee to stop the fight to avoid any further injuries and damage to Margarito to which the commentators agreed but the fight was continued until it ended on the 12th round.

Manny Pacquiao won via unanimous decision. After the fight, Pacquiao was asked if he hesitated during the last rounds as he was seen avoiding Margarito, then he replied, “Boxing was not for killing.” Pacquiao said he just let the 3 minutes ran out.

The victory gave Manny Pacquiao his eight world boxing championship title and because of his superb performance and ability to throw strings of multiple rapid punches, Pay-per-view’s commentators said that Pacquiao was even better than Ali as Ali was a “one punch guy”. Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao!

Meanwhile here are the Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito Undercard Results:

Super Welterweight bout results: Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito. Pacquiao defeated Margarito via unanimous decision (120-108, 118-110, 119-109).

Welterweight bout results: Jesus Soto Karass vs. Mike Jones. Jones defeated Karass via judges decision (97-93, 95-94, 94-94).

Super Bantamweight bout results: Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Ricardo Cordoba. Rigondeaux defeated Cordoba via judges decision (117-109, 114-112, 112-114).

Lightweight bout results: Brandon Rios vs. Omri Lowther. Rios defeated Lowther via TKO at 2:35 of fith round.

Featherweight bout results: Roberto Marroquin vs. Francisco Dominguez. Marroquin defeated Dominguez via knockout at 1:27 of first round.

Light Welterweight bout results: José Benavidez vs. Winston Mathis. Benavidez defeated Mathis via knockout at 2:23 of third round.

Light Heavyweight bout results: Mike Lee vs. Keith Debow. Lee defeated Debow via knockout at 1:33 of first round.

Light Welterweight bout results: Oscar Meza vs. Jose Hernandez. Meza defeated Hernandez via unanimous decision (38-37, 38-37, 39-36).

Flyweight bout results: Richie Mepranum vs. Anthony Villarreal. Mepranum defeated Villarreal via split decision.

Lightweight bout results: Juan Martin Elorde vs. Angel Rodriguez. Rodriguez defeated Elorde via unanimous decision (38-37, 38-37, 39-36).

Welterweight bout results: Dennis Laurente vs. Rashad Holloway. Laurente defeated Holloway via unanimous decision (77-75, 79-73, 78-74).

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