Pacquiao vs Clottey Fight Results: Pacquiao Wins in Round 12

The much awaited event, Pacquiao vs. Clottey, has already finished and as you already know in the title, Pacquiao won via unanimous decision in the 12th round.

Honestly speaking, it was not as interesting as it it should be since Clottey just blocked most of Pacquiao’s punches. Clottey did not take risks in the fight.

Pacquiao just kept on throwing Clottey with powerful punches and Clottey rarely answers back with the same punches.

Manny Pacquiao had a wound in his right eye after the fight but Clottey, since he keeps on blocking Pacquiaos punches didn’t have any visible wounds. In fact, the announcer said that Clottey’s number of punches did not even reach the average number of punches thrown by an average boxer in the Welterweight division. I don’t know why Clottey didn’t take risks in fighting Pacquiao. Maybe he’s too afraid because of Pacquiao’s reputation?

Oh well, let’s just see if the much awaited boxing event will push through with Pacquiao facing Mayweather. In the meantime, let’s see who will win in May 1 as Mosley faces Mayweather.

5 thoughts on “Pacquiao vs Clottey Fight Results: Pacquiao Wins in Round 12

  1. look this is what u white say about an African who has done well, instead of praising the techniques adopted by Joshua, u are rather castigating him, he is done so well and do what napoleon couldn’t do, Mayweather vamoosed with an excuse of some drug allegation, ain’t u proud of Joshua standing against this drug adict as Mayweather accused him. We are proud of our country man, Get into a fight with your wife and see what she would do to your face before you start bashing Joshua, Mani is deadly and Joe had to adopt a strategy, bring on somebody else and stop insulting us with $1.5million as against Mani’s $12million, that si an insult

  2. Now you see why mayweather did not want to fight pac man. I hate to hear how much pacman maid and clottey didnt hire a new manager. Pacman is the best pound for pound fighter right now and mayweather knows that. And dont be suprised if mayweather gets put on his back by sugar shane. Lets face the music he was beatin by de la hoya and castillo.

  3. Clottey showed the world how not to fight for a championship. For heaven’s sake, this fight was a big opportunity for him to wrest the title from Pacquiao. He had the build, the strength, the power and arms and fists of granite.He showed it in the 3rd and 10th round. What a pity that he had to cover his face almost all of the fight instead of taking a chance and opening up a sustained offense. He was afforded the chance so many other fighters want. But no. He climbed up the ring not to fight. He climbed up the ring not to lose. He didn’t want to take the chance of being knocked down. In my opinion, had he gone on the offensive, he would have knocked out Manny. The few punches he threw left its mark on Manny’s face that he had to wear shades to cover his swollen face. Clottey, you threw away your chance at making history. Sad but true.

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