Pacman’s 30th Anniversary Game on Google’s Homepage

This year is the celebration of Pacman’s 30th Anniversary. It has been 30 years since Pacman was created by Namco. Pacman was first released in May 22, 1980. Pacman was played by billions of kids and adults around the world. And this year, it’s remembered once again as the greatest computer games of all time.

It’s one of the easiest and most exciting game to play. You’ll be the pacman who eats yellow little dots and big yellow dots. You’ll be chasing monsters and run from them. The game has a simple logic, but it’s really exciting and fun to play.

Yesterday, Google featured Pacman in their homepage. They made a Pacman doodle, but it’s not just another simple doodle. It’s interactive! You can play Pacman using the up, down, left and right keys on your keyboard. You can chase monsters and run away from them, just like playing pacman in your good old Nintendo family computer.

If you’ve missed playing Pacman on Google’s homepage yesterday, don’t hesitate to play it in their official website at Remembering the good old days is really fun!

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