Oscars 2010: Sandra Bullock Acceptance Speech Video

We can’t deny the fact the everyone was touched by Sandra Bullock’s speech. Some cried, some almost cried during the acceptance speech of Sandra Bullock for her Best Actress award during the 2010 Oscars. It was truly inspiring and one of the best speeches in the history of the Academy Awards.

Co-stars and co-nominees of Sandra Bullock gave her a round of applause after giving her acceptance speech as the Best Actress in the recently concluded 82nd Annual Academy Awards.

Sandra Bullock bested her co-nominees for the Actress in Leading Role category. Her co-nominees are Helen Mirren of “The Last Station”, Carey Mulligan of “An Education” Gabourey Sidibe of “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire” and the legendary Meryl Streep of “Julie & Julia”.

Winning in her category the famous and well-respected actresses is truly priceless.

This year’s Oscars is truly remarkable and amazing. Everyone will never forget the nominees and the winners. The directors, actors, and actresses will surely treasure this unforgettable moment in their lives.

Check out the video below of Sandra Bullock accepting her Best Actress award during the 82 Annual Academy Awards, also known as the Oscar Awards 2010.

2 thoughts on “Oscars 2010: Sandra Bullock Acceptance Speech Video

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, to Sandra Bullock. She definitely deserved the Oscar for her role in the Blind Side, she was awesome.No one could have played that role like Sandra did, she was a natural. I believe it was dur to fact that she has a BIG heart & she put her all into the movie. The Blind Side was the best movie we have seen in years. All the cast in the movie was great!! The Acadamy Got it right this year.Again, Congratulations, Sandra!!!!

  2. Sandra looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL @ the Oscars. She [ Knocked it out of the ball park With her dress & hair, she was radiant from head to toe!!!!] She’s a beautiful person inside & out..!!! Hope to see much more of her in the near future.

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