Oscars 2010 Results: The Hurt Locker Sweeps 6 Oscars 2010 Awards

If the movie Slumdog Millionaire was last year’s movie which swept the most Oscars Awards, this year, the movie “The Hurt Locker” did it sweeping 6 Oscars 2010 Awards.

A lot of movie fans were shocked as the movie “Avatar” was defeated by the movie “The Hurt Locker” in a lot of categories.

In fact, “The Hurt Locker” topped the Oscars 2010 Awards getting 6 category awards as it won Best Director, Best in Film Editing, Best Motion Picture, Best in Sound Editing, Best in Sound Mixing, and Best Original Screenplay. This is against Avatar’s winning only 3 Oscars 2010 Awards as it won Best in Art Direction, Best in Cinematography, and Best in Visual Effects.

Interestingly, the two films which are contenders for the most number of Oscars 2010 Awards have a connection in that The Hurt Locker Director Kathryn Bigelow was the former wife of Avatar’s Director James Cameron.

Personally, I have already watched the movie “Avatar” and I could say that it’s one of the best movies I saw. No wonder why it topped the charts as one of the highest grossing film. However, I haven’t watched the movie “The Hurt Locker”.

Some movie reviews to “The Hurt Locker” said that the film was overly emotional and overrated and that it didn’t deserve to win a lot of Oscars 2010 Awards against Avatar. Well, upon topping the Oscars 2010 Awards list, I am now interested to see it also to know if it’s really worth winning the 6 Oscars Awards that it got.

10 thoughts on “Oscars 2010 Results: The Hurt Locker Sweeps 6 Oscars 2010 Awards

  1. I don’t know if it deserved best motion picture, but it at least deserved 5 of those awards…with a close second to Avatar. I was gunning for her to win best director and Avatar to win best movie…well I got one right! haha. Personally, I feel that it was so close *shrugs* they both were really good movies.

  2. I don’t think Hurt Locker was over-emotional. It just highlights emotions more than all out action.

    I guess people forget that soldiers are human beings.

  3. The Hurt Locker is utterly amazing in terms of how it got its message across, with subtle depictions that when combined illustrate the traumas faced by soldiers and the mental issues they may face. On the other hand, Avatar completely violated the age-old mantra of “Show, Don’t Tell” when delivering fiction; I was most reminded of Ferngully, the kid’s movie from 1992 showing a race of magical creatures fighting against evil humans to protect their home. In Ferngully, the faeries convert a human to their side. Sound familiar?

  4. It’s funny how the biggest movie of all time gets snubbed for a considerably more arty piece.

    Kind of undemocratic when you look at it in terms of popularity. It’s like a slap in the face to the general public and all those that say Avatar is their favorite movie.

    I can’t help but think the politics involved in winning these awards has outranked movie popularity.

  5. Just finished seeing The Hurt Locker and came away felling that there was nothing special about it; just another war film, really, with no particular message other than telling us that war is rough on people. As if we didn’t know that. The cinematography was interesting but distracting much of the time.

    Avatar, conversely, is a simply beautiful film in every respect, and certainly the comparative box offices receipts reflect this.

    I suspect that big business and government were offended by the message in Avatar, and thus The Hurt Locker, while a decent but pedestrian film, walks away with undeserved awards. I also suspect that Cameron doesn’t much care.

  6. Hurt Locker remember in bits in pieces because frankly its been a while and also that the movie was not hugely promoted? but the heart of the discussion for me goes to the issue at hand and how this movie attends to the emotions of the viewer. Be reminded this movie depicts real life issues of men and who embrace danger against all odds when duty calls for them to serve. In many ways Hurt Locker could be marched with what people in many different ways are willing to sacrifice everyday for those they love well knowing that their choices carry a very huge burden such as the trauma factor we see in this movie.
    And it is in this perspective that despite the much admiration and respect for James Cameron, i must say that at the end of the day The Hurt Locker leaves an emotional and personal imprint in the hearts and minds of the viewers. Avatar great movie full of wonder worlds and creatures and indeed a treat and sight to see and enjoy. What do you get after the movie, wow with regard to this fictitious world and yet you just leave it at that.
    Both movies are great though and alas the Hurt Locker stealthily knocked the lights out of the efforts and hype of Avatar, entertainment what a world!!

  7. AJ said: “Kind of undemocratic when you look at it in terms of popularity. It’s like a slap in the face to the general public and all those that say Avatar is their favorite movie.”

    Well, it’s called “best” picture, not “most popular” picture. IF you want to know the most popular picture, all you have to do is count the number of people who buy tickets.

  8. I have not seen The Hurt Locker but have seen Avatar. And I am not surprised that Avatar didn’t win. I like the movie, with all its wow factor and action… but in terms of the way the story is told, its second half got a bit lame and lost its rhythm a little. Definitely not the best movie I have seen simply because of that. Really, I was quite disappointed with Avatar after watching it as it didn’t match with the hype I had heard before going for the movie. Totally agree with its popularity and the Oscar result.

  9. People shouldn’t be surprised that the Hurt Locker got 6 oscars including best picture. For anyone who actually bothered to see it, it makes sense.

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