Oscars 2010 Results: 82nd Annual Academy Awards Winners List

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards Winners list, also known as the Oscars 2010 Results has been released. Many movie fanatics didn’t expect the results of this year’s Oscars. Just like Avatar fans, they really expected that Avatar will be the one who will receive most awards, specially the 2010 Best Film, but The Hurt Locker defeated the Blue Aliens from Pandora.

I haven’t seen The Hurt Locker yet. I think it’s a good movie. Check out their poster below:

I was surprised that they’ve dominated the Oscars 2010. This enticed me to watch The Hurt Locker and judge the movie myself if it really deserves on stomping out of Avatar from its destiny.

Check out this article by Amanda Roverfield for the list of Oscar 2010 winners.

3 thoughts on “Oscars 2010 Results: 82nd Annual Academy Awards Winners List

  1. I think avatar was good, but for its effects, not it’s story line, Ive heard so many people make fun of this movie because it lacks any originality besides its blue creatures.. I mean seriously we have pocahontas, john smith, radcliff, grandmother willow, do I need to go on!!!!! Hurt locker deserved its awards what it lacked in cgi effects, it made up for it in originality and thought on everyday situations overseas!!!!

  2. The Hurt locker was good, and deserving of recognition, but it didn’t “wow” me as a movie. While Avatar’s story and dialog wasn’t as strong, it did “wow” me, made me want to go back and see it again. And the years of labor that went into it cannot be denied. Is that enough to qualify it for Best Picture? I guess not.

  3. kort you’re opinion stinks. hurt locker had a dude shootin people with a barrett .50 cal. from like a mile away. that was cooler then watching an alien and a human make out. they probably have porn that you can find and masturbate to. i bet you did that to avatar.

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