Oroumieh Lake Now Becomes Solid Salt

You’re considered to be very lucky if your were able to take a picture of Iran’s largest salt water lake Oroumieh before it turned into solid salt. The lake is the third largest in the world and has been considered to be one of the most visited tourist spot of the country. Tourists love boating in the lake and take pictures which also gave the local residents extra income.

Sad to say, the lake is now turning into salt and tourists are already getting bored in visiting the place. It caused a domino effect to the nearby establishments as well. They might be closing soon due to losing income. Boatmen also gave up their job end up placing their boats at home and left with only memories of the time that the lake was still deep. Right now the deepest part of it is only 2 meters.

Aside from the tourism issues, nearby farms are also threatened because sometime storms carry the salt far afield. It would then damage the century old farm of apples, grapes, walnuts, almonds, onions, potatoes, as well as aromatic herbal drinks.

The salty winds not only will affect surrounding areas but also can damage farming in remote areas. -Masoud Mohammadian

He is an agriculture official in the eastern part of the lake. It is approximately 370 miles (600 kilometers) northwest of the capital Tehran.

Reports pointed the blame to a decade-long drought, consumption of water of the feeding rivers for farming, construction of dams and lot more.

The government is now trying to save the lake through a cloud-seeding program to increase rainfall in the area, a lowering of water consumption by irrigation systems, and supplying the lake with remote sources of water.

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