Oprah Dies in a Car Crash

So not true! Just another prank gone viral on the internet.

I feel sorry for people who hatch these kinds of news. Someone even gave a link to a supposed NBC news report about Oprah’s vehicular accident, while another even gave details as to when, how and which interstate it happened —  as only a sick mind can conjure.

According to reports, pranksters came up with this “juicy” news on the heels of Ex-Senator Ted Steven’s death – in an effort to get it into Google’s Trends list.

A search into the major news sites such as CNN, NBC and even E! Online revealed nothing on Oprah’s alleged demise… not even a whimper of a news.   

Pardon the ignorance, but I really do not know and neither do I understand what people get out of making stories like this.

Why some people “rejoice” by fabricating and proliferating rumors about somebody else’s demise is beyond me. If it were the truth then the whole world has the right to talk to about it – but if it’s a complete and utter lie, to go into forums, blogs and websites to declare it as the truth is just plain self-serving.

I cannot believe how many comments and blog entries are confirming that Oprah did die in a car crash… but like the rumor that she was found dead in her home a couple of months ago and that Hulk Hogan just dropped dead after Linda Hogan’s engagement announcement – this is so not true.

2 thoughts on “Oprah Dies in a Car Crash

  1. No one, aside from racists, would rejoice at the news of Oprah’s death. Not even us who make these pranks. We laugh at those who believe it, those who are too stupid to believe it without doing reseaech of their own. We laugh at morons who believe gossip to be fact. More so, we love it when you of the media overreact and say such silly things.

    Which, in a sense, is why we do it. To watch all of the media overreact, so we can laugh at them. It’s just too easy. And too much fun.

  2. First off, I did not immediately believe it. Hence, the research at CNN, NBC Chicago, etc.

    Second, I do not think I over-reacted. So you cannot have your fill of laughing gas at my expense. I just happen to like Oprah so much to feel really bad about how people are making a joke about her supposed untimely death and laughing at (as you have admitted) people who care enough to want to find out if it is the truth or not.

    Besides, why can’t you just derive your daily dose of “fun” from more pleasant news? I’m sure you and your kind are as capable of circulating positive news than negative ones, right?

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