Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico this 2010 and Images from Google Earth

Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico this 2010 and Images from Google Earth: The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is becoming more and more of an environmental concern as time passes by. It all started with an oil rig explosion last April 20, 2010 which eventually led the oil tank to sink two days later about 40 miles off the Mississippi River delta.

Several actions were already taken by various groups to contain the oil spill threatening to pollute the nearby Gulfs posing harm wildlife and other sea creatures. British Petroleum Agency (BP) PLC, which owns the oil rig operated by the Swiss drilling company Transocean, has already dispatched more than 30 ships, capable of skimming in excess of 170,000 bbl. of oil a day, to counter any that does spill. Several crews operating submersible robots have been trying to activate a shut-off device that would stop the flow of oil on the sea bottom 5,000 feet below but to no avail.

Alternatively, one other solution to contain the oil spill is tocreate a dome-like device to cover oil rising to the surface and pump it to container vessels. However, BP said that this particular solution will take about two weeks to put in place.

Several oceanographers have claimed that the magnitude of the oil spill was huge and that it will definitely have an impact on marine life. They also claimed that the oil spill also threatened oyster beds in Breton Sound on the eastern side of the Mississippi River as winds and currents in the Gulf moved the oil spill steadily toward the mouth of the Mississippi River.

We hope that the oil spill can be contained as fast as possible to avoid further damage to marine life and other nearby beaches. This oil spill is definitely one of the worst man-made environmental disasters.

If you want to know the extent of the damage caused by this oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, below is a satellite image showing it:

As per latest reports, the oil spill is now within 12 miles of Louisana coastline and if not contained could reach the coast on Friday April 30 so a state of emergency has been declared in the region so that government and local agencies can now get involved in the clean-up process.

Unfortunately, a third leak in the oil rig was discovered, which is gushing five times more oil in to the water than other leaks, and that translates to about 5,000 barrels a day.

UPDATE: As of today, US President Barack Obama  ordered every single available resource to contain the oil spill which is more likely to exceed with what happened on Alaska’s 1989 Exxon Valdez to preserve the wildlife in the coastline of Louisana.

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  1. Why Don’t The Oil Co. Build A Steel Box, And Anchore It The Well, Or The Surface,And Fill It With Concreat, I mean Concreat It In. I Think This Will Work.

  2. BP DOES NOT own this rig. It was owned AND operated by Transoceanic. Please check and correct your article.

  3. Just some thought,,why did this happen within 2 weeks of our great one saying we should drill in the gulf….how did this happen.? this was no accident,After all these years and this hjust happens BULL SH-T…..

  4. Why has President Obama waited until now to get involved if the spill happened on April 20? Seriously poor leadership on his part.

  5. Leon said:
    “Why Don’t The Oil Co. Build A Steel Box, And Anchore It The Well, Or The Surface,And Fill It With Concreat, I mean Concreat It In. I Think This Will Work.”

    because they want to use it again in the future… And considering the amount of people that live working with oil spills they probably will consider this if it is a viable option.

  6. University of New Hampshire professor Nancy Kinner, director of the joint UNH/NOAA Coastal Response Research Center, will be a guest on The Bob Rivers Show today, April 30th at 6:30am PT. She will be here to discuss the impact of the oil spill from the burning oil rig off the coast of Lousiana. Tune in to 102.5 KZOK Seattle or log on to http://bobrivers.com for live streaming audio and video of the interview!

  7. BP and Transocean are both irresponsible. I hope they both go out of business. Louisiana gets what it deserves for allowing the drilling in the first place, but the other nearby states shouldn’t have to suffer for their greed.

  8. I live on the Gulf Coast in FL. This is horrible. The livlihoods of a lot of people are now at stake because of something that they should’ve had a back up plan for IF the BOP’s didn’t work.

  9. Leon – have you contacted the Oil Co. with your idea? Maybe they can to Home Depot and buy a bag of quick ‘concreat’ and give it a try. They seem to be messing around with robotic submarines and booms and crap that obviously is never going to work.

  10. This accident will make the government more aware of the risks of off shore drilling. Additional safeguards will need to be discovered and implimentented to curtail such disastors.

  11. You wanna know what is really ridiculous? We live in the most powerful country in the world, yet when it comes to disasters here at home we can’t get one damn person to help out. But in Haiti and everywhere else the stars hold a Damn telethon and extend any resources necessary to clean up. It’s like they need to be give world recognition before they do something. The government is worried about the clean-up when the actual crude hasn’t reacehed the shore. Get out there and stop it using every resource there is available, before it does kill the entire gulf coast region.

  12. Sounds like a plan Leon. Hey, then again, maybe we shoud design and build a giant Turkey Baster. Yeah, we’ll make it with a great big rubber suction cup that’s capable of sucking up 188,000 gallons of oil a minute. The glass tube will have to be 1.6 mi. in length with a diameter of .2 mi. We will naturally have evenly spaced attachment loops for the 9 helicopters to run their cables through prior to lifting this magnificent creation. The captured oil can be processed into hair gel (for men and women). Yes Leon, It’s a WIN-WIN situation!

  13. i am truly hurt by this oil spill. they[the oil companies] should install automatic shutoff devices on all rigs present and future.if it causes a rise in delivery cost,so be it!!and the present administrations slow response is inexcusable!

  14. This oil leak could effect Haiti as well. There should be some way to keep the Gulf of Mexico clean. Some kind of huge water filter would be nice, since it is also polluted by the large volume of ships that travel through there.

  15. Why are we not protesting in the streets? Oil companies, and BP in particular, continually ignore safety regulations and cut corners to enhance their profits at the expense of the planet’s health and the quality of our lives. Yet we sit by and write blog comments… Why are we not boycotting BP gas stations? I am shocked to see cars at those pumps – Can people be that ignorant? BP has a safety record that is deplorable. They should have been closed down years ago, but all they get every time they violate safety and create another tragic spill is a monetary fine that amounts to little more than a slap on the wrist. Mean while the health of our water ways, fisheries, and land is permanently eroded for all future generations. This oil is not going away – not ever! Anyone who purchases gas from a BP station is part of the problem right now. These companies understand NOTHING but money. The people have no power but to take that money away. In a market economy that cares about nothing but the almighty dollar, those who continue to patronize the companies that destroy the quality of our lives, are as bad as the companies themselves.

  16. A simple cost effective method for prevention of methane hydrate formation during the dome operation.

    A 100-ton concrete-and-steel vault will be mounted onto a ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico an important step in a delicate and unprecedented attempt to stop most of the gushing crude fouling the sea. The formation of methane hydrate has been seen to cause this operation to fail. They suggested of pumping methanol to act as antifreeze. Methanol will be used to prevent the formation of hydrate. Methanol is toxic and explosive. Methanol is a good anti freeze at normal pressure and temperature. It is not known how methanol is going to do at high pressure and low temperature. Another cost effective method to prevent the formation of crystalline methane hydrate is electrochemical. The inside of the dome is made from steel. This can act as an electrochemical electrode and can be used as a source of releasing gases. The easiest to release is chlorine or hydrogen depending on the applied potential. At high pressure and low temperature (conditions at the bottom of the gulf) the released gas may be in the supercritical conditions (Behave like liquid and gas). It is not known what will be the electrochemical overvoltage for gas release (how easy these gases can be released). However, this does not require special equipment for methanol release at high pressure and low temperature beside methanol is known to be very toxic and combustible. The equipments required for gas release are already available (used for cathodic protection) and very cost effective. The amount and duration of gas release can be controlled according to the requirement. The released gases will produce turbulence which may prevent the hydration and subsequent crystallisation of methane. The release of these gases may require a simple roughening of the interior surface of the steel. The surface of the steel may have to be sprayed with a catalyst that has a very low electrochemical overvoltage for releasing that particular gas. The surface may be sprayed with lead if for example oxygen gas is to be released.

    M. Reda
    Calgary Alberta T2E5K7 Canada

  17. Why is British Petrolium involved in extracting oil in the Gulf of Mexico in the first place ? I dont think they really care if it destroys fish,birds and our beaches,not to mention the people that make a living directly or indirectly from the gulf coast.

  18. George Clooney couldn’t handle this situation. neither his handsome face or batman suit will us here. this catastrophe requires Bruce Willis. if he can it done on an asteroid, i am certain he could get us out of this jam. i demand that the government release him immediately from whatever mission they currently have him employed on, so that he can focus his can’t fail attitude where it is needed. under the sea. yippie kay yay, Mr. Falcon.

  19. do all u ppl not know that BP is one of Britains biggest incomes and also thy are one of our biggest allies and our president is going to end up pissing them off by being rude and a dick to them about this oil spill. which i do agree this is a bad deal and does need to be handled quickly as possible, but we could help them as thy do help us out

  20. I agree with crbest. We need to let the oil companies know that this is unacceptable! Sure, everyone makes mistakes, but we’re not doing anything about it at all? I think humans are freaking ridiculous to even be extracting oil and all these other natural resources from our home, our Earth! We are destroying the only thing that really matters! How can we be so selfish to hoard all these things, while nobody even stops to think about what it’s affecting. Our poor creatures of the sea that are suffering and dying because of our selfishness to conveniency. Just so we can drive in our stupid cars and pollute our Earth even more.
    We have to address the matter at hand, and stop this leak as soon as possible. The concrete idea could work, and at this point, every solution is worth trying. This has been persisting for far too long, and everyday more lives are lost.

  21. First of all, people should realize that no one is perfect. No one should point a finger at who’s to blame. Mistakes occur. Everyone’s energy should be positive and focused on strategies to alleviate the problem. Pray for the well-being of the animals, plants, and fishes that are directly affected by the oil spill. Do what you can to support the efforts of those who are striving to achieve a solution. As for the future, develop ideas that would help us decrease our country’s dependence on so much oil and just do something good for the sake of nature and mankind on a daily basis. Avoid spreading thoughts of anger and hatred. Have a sense of peace within yourself. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

  22. My idea is’ THIS

    BELL MUST HAVE ON YOUR TOP ONE BIG PIPE 200-300-600 or even 1500 mm thick plastic but flexible and MUST be lowered DIRECTLY FROM THE SEA AND LAND IMMEDIATELY TO ALLOW OIL TO ‘QUIT UNTIL WATER GET ON THE BOTTOM UP over hole and must release and the mix of oil and water directly into a tanker or EMPTY TANK SUPPORT SURFACE

  23. There is so much that can be done to stop this particular leak. First, they need to stop burning the oil, or face the wrath of storms that will form as a direct result. They should have had a back up drill, a remote control stopper, and other such safety measures in place before they even started. It’s kind of like going in to play a concert with no back up strings in case one breaks, or like starting a fire in a hay field without any water hoses to put it out. This is unacceptable, but our government has most of the blame, unfortunately… simply because they do not require these sort of safety measures, unlike the rest of our great world! We are pigs without a back up plan, and BP and all the other oil companies know that. We sold out our waters for oil exploration and drilling to foreign interest without the proper safety measures. Can you imagine if ultimately Katla in Iceland blows, shutting down all flights and things, while this spill is still raging? BP may eventually say, as their economy becomes stagnant, “Sorry, but you should have had a plan to alleviate any such spills, because you surely did not have any laws protecting yourselves against them.” We are the ones who should have insisted on SAFETY FIRST! We act like this has never happened before! Open your eyes my fellow Americans – and take ACTION NOW!!!

    Another unfortunate things is, hurricane season is quickly approaching and may flood all that oil all over land and sea.

    This is what I got from Wikipedia, which claims:
    The oil spill covers a surface area of at least 2,500 square miles (6,500 km2) according to estimates reported on May 3, 2010 by Reuters.[4] The oil spill, originating from a deepwater oil well 5,000 feet (1,500 m) below sea level, is discharging an estimated 5–25 thousand barrels (210,000–1,100,000 US gallons; 790,000–4,000,000 litres) of crude oil daily.[5] The spill is expected to eclipse the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill as the worst US oil disaster in history.

    In February 2009, BP filed a 52-page exploration and environmental impact plan for the Macondo well with the federal Minerals Management Service, an arm of the U.S. Interior Department that oversees offshore drilling. The plan stated that it was “unlikely that an accidental surface or subsurface oil spill would occur from the proposed activities” and that “due to the distance to shore (48 miles) and the response capabilities that would be implemented, no significant adverse impacts are expected”.[44]

    After concluding that a massive oil spill was unlikely, the Interior Department exempted BP’s Gulf of Mexico drilling operation from a detailed environmental impact analysis last year. The decision by the department’s Minerals Management Service (MMS) to give BP’s lease at Deepwater Horizon a “categorical exclusion” from the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) on April 6, 2009 — and BP’s lobbying efforts just 11 days before the explosion to expand those exemptions — show that neither federal regulators nor the company anticipated an accident of the scale of the one unfolding in the gulf.[45][46]

    Although the BP wellhead had a blowout preventer (BOP) installed, it was not fitted with additional remote-control or acoustically-activated triggers for use in case of an emergency requiring a rig to be evacuated: it did have a “deadman” switch designed to automatically cut the pipe and seal the well if communication from the rig is lost, but this switch did not activate.[47] Both Norway and Brazil require the device on all offshore rigs, but when the Minerals Management Service considered requiring the remote device, a report commissioned by the agency, as well as drilling companies, questioned its cost (approximately $500,000) and effectiveness.[47] In 2003 the agency ultimately determined that the device would not be required because rigs had other back-up systems to cut off a well.[47][48]

    GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into a binational falling out with our supposed greatest ally, if this continues getting worse and Katla blows up, and a major hurricane or two rolls in, as the wars in AfghanPakIraq continue with a newly invigorated Iran pushing out their chest in defiance of US to China!

    Come on my fellow beautiful Americans, the time is now to ACT! Without fear or animosity, we must take up a call to never allow this to happen again!

  24. In the three major religious books ( Christen Moslem, Jews and even Hindus) the belief of doom day is forecasted. It is declared that among the sign that doom days is coming are many. The black object NASA observed in the sky, the increase of the Gay community, the failure to find cure for aids and the carless spill of oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

  25. Methanol and water will be pumped to the 98 ton dome 5000 feet below to prevent the formation of hydrate. Methanol is toxic and explosive. At high pressure and low temperature methanol might freeze. The dome is made of Stainless steel. Cathodic protection equipments are available and can be made to induce large enough cathodic current to release hydrogen or anodic current to release chlorine gas. The gases will produce turbulence and prevent hydration of methane.

  26. it is ridiculous the fact that they could have mended it as soon as it happend. ohhhh and by the way the government are thinking of using a nuclear bomb to fix it :O it could lead to the worlds most major disaster

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