Obama Speech August 31: Video and Reaction

Obama Speech August 31: Video and Reaction – President Barack Obama delivered a historical Presidential Address at the end of the month. This also makes a fresh beginning for the US foreign policy was we begin a new month, September and starts the long Christian Christmas Season.

August is also the Muslim worldwide fasting month of Ramadan, and surely many Muslims welcomes the announcement that the United States combat operation in Iraq would be over. However, their happiness might not be complete since President Obama announced a surge in troops in Afghanistan in order to weaken resurgent Taliban forces.

The speech highlights a new foreign policy which perhaps sees allies and other countries as who they are and with mutual respect and cooperation with them. Although the speech still holds a strong self-serving attitude of the United States, it is a welcome development towards a more peaceful foreign policy.

It is also about time that the government gives more focus to the local economy and to the problems at home. Billions of dollars were spent in wars overseas to the detriment of millions of Americans who suffer from unemployment and economic recession.

1.4 million Americans are 99ers and without benefits, these people and their families are going hungry and desperate by the date. More than 9% of the total population of the working force are unemployed and some are continue to lose jobs. These problems is an even greater war in which the future of American families and the United States are at stake.

This is a timely decision for President Barack Obama and let us hope that life would be better in the United States and that Americans will indeed be enjoying a more stable life.

Here is the Obama Speech August 31 video…


You can view the Obama Iraq Speech FULL TEXT HERE.

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