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Obama Cheating with Vera Baker Photos and Evidence

May 7, 2010 by · 36 Comments 

Boys would always be boys. They are known to be cheaters and polygamous. They are not contented with just one woman. We have seen in the past several love affairs like that of Tiger Woods having several mistresses and the most recent one being that of Jesse James, Sandra Bullock’s husband. Both involved in the cheating scandal of illicit love affairs. While it is true that being polygamous can somehow increase the ‘machismo’ of a man, it does not result to a good end but a broken marriage.

The most powerful leader of all, US President Barack Obama is the latest person involved in this cheating scandal. News authority National Enquirer recently came up with a news about Obama’s illicit affair with a woman named Vera Baker.

Accordingly, Vera Baker is a previous finance director who served on Obama’s early campaign in 2004. The two met together at the Hotel George in Washington, DC. Based on the statement released by National Enquirer, a driver picked up the two at the airport while Obama was campaigning for funds. “About 10:30 PM, I drove them to the hotel and they went in together! My services for the evening were done – and there was no indication she was going to leave the hotel that night,” the driver continues.

Up until now, there has been no evidence or proof to this claim by the National Enquirer. What do you think about this new issue of Vera Baker and Barack Obama affair? Meanwhile, if you are curious how Vera Baker looks like, below is a photo of her.

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36 Responses to “Obama Cheating with Vera Baker Photos and Evidence”
  1. Eric says:

    Our President cheats on his wife. Great. I thought he’d be different, but I guess his character is as bad as it gets. Sigh.

  2. Dane Harper says:

    At best, so far the evidence is mighty circumstantial.
    I would not mind seeing Obama`s agendas hogtied, but not this way.

  3. Jeff Schrembs says:

    Clinton, Edwards, and (if this story is true)…Obama!
    I guess the 5 teleprompters that go with him everywhere will be on “overtime” if this is true.
    Lastly, how can America believe ANY of these Liberal Democrat Candidates, for President, when they (clearly) LIE publicly about their affairs and then admit it.
    An America that “stands for nothing” will fall for…everything.
    Lets start electing individuals, regardless of skin color, who are GOOD STABLE America Loving Patriots who are not “bought and paid for” by special interests.
    God bless America and every child born and those yet to be born.

  4. Central Scrutinizer says:

    If found to be true…would this REALLY surprise anyone?

  5. We’re following this one closely. Would Obama cheat on Michelle? Or is this a way to build hype and sell magazines? Seems like something fishy is going on here.

  6. Scott says:

    How can any thinking person think that Obama be any different from any other? Regardless of his “Halo-ish” presentation by the media he is and always will be just another lack-luster politician who has as his sole intention the dismantling of what made this country what it is.

    Who knows if he did what is hinted at here, one thing is for sure though – Nothing sets him apart from anyone else of his ilk when it comes to lapses in moral judgment.

  7. James says:

    Obama is the most powerful and wonderful man in the universe. I consider his ascendancy to the presidency like the second coming of Jesus Christ. He was tempted by this woman but did not sin. This is truly a LIE spoken by the DEVIL!!!!!

  8. HEYJAMES says:


  9. maya says:

    i KNOW this is a hoax, cause he’s a flaming homosexual

  10. Bob Lee says:

    It is as simple as looking at the race as a whole. There is no fidelity within the Afro-American culture.

  11. Bushed says:

    Jesus was Jewish/Semitic, basically the same as Arabs/Palestinians today.
    A brown skinned man-god.

  12. monica says:

    this story is deflection from obama’s soon-to-be revealed other sex scandal with reggie love

  13. Colleen says:

    The National Enquirer broke the John Edwards story when he cheated on his wife with Rielle Hunter, and it was true. The National Enquirer broke the Tiger Woods cheating scandal, and it was true. Where there is smoke there is fire! The tape will surface and that will be all the proof we need. I already believe it though; Obama is not the person he would like everyone to believe he is. Will he be held to the same persecution as Bill Clinton? Will he be impeached? You know he will lie about it! What a disgrace!

  14. Mongo says:

    Where da white women at?

  15. Robert says:

    Two black democratic presidents in a row caught with their pants down. Go figure.

  16. Tony says:

    Is anyone the person they’d Iike everyone to believe they are? Get off your high horse and stop embarrassing yourselves with the holier than thou comments. They make you sound dumb.

  17. Canadian says:

    James and Hey James

    James: you are delusional. Obama is killing American sovereignty. Obama treats Israel like crap and America will pay. It will be God’s wrath not man’s.

    Hey James: Jesus was not white. He came from the Middle East so he likely wasn’t “white”. What does it matter. God created YOU. AND THE DARK MAN. BUT, WE WERE ALL CREATED IN HIS IMAGE. So like grow up.

    As for Obama, he’s a really good actor. I’ve never bought his act. I think he’s secretly hostile and petty and childish. He has no love for Israel.

  18. John Von James says:

    You elected an unqualified black male as your President. You believed him when he promised you free health care, gas, and mortgages. You were played the fool by a man who does not even know who he is. He is the most lost leader in the world..

  19. SmilinJack says:

    Good for him. Was beginning to worry, with all his fund raising trips to San Francisco.

  20. TRS says:

    obama still loves his male encounters…book it!

  21. Ron says:

    These rumors were out there during the campaign and nothing came of it. I call it crap.

  22. Ron says:

    Oh, and a limo driver driving them to a hotel during a campaign is proof of nothing. I’m sure the Nat’l Inquirer will get a lot of sales/clicks.

  23. Locutisprime says:

    If the Edwards scandal and the Tiger Woods scandal are any indication? The the Enquirer my be about to open a large can of worms on Obama. Twenty five years ago I would have laughed at the Enquirer breaking a story like this. Not now.

  24. Locutisprime says:

    If the Edwards scandal and the Tiger Woods scandal are any indication? Then the Enquirer may be about to open a large can of worms on Obama. Twenty five years ago I would have laughed at the Enquirer breaking a story like this. Not now.

  25. jMAN says:

    Was the affair with Obama or the teleprompter?

  26. VIRGIN MARY says:


  27. melrae says:

    I see the Karl Rove fabrication machine is alive and well. This site appears to be a “disgruntled” Repuke platform.

  28. Wooley...UK says:

    The National Enquirer make thing’s up, it’s a comic and I laugh my head off over what they print about Camilla Duchess of Cornwall. Two year’s running when I’ve visited USA same picture different stories!!!! Maybe you should have our government then you would have something to worry about!!!

  29. Australian says:

    Um, Americans are stupid.

  30. Monica says:

    Let’s face it, being married to that ugly fat Michelle would cause anyone to cheat. Vera Baker is beautiful.

  31. Sydney says:

    People, just because you believe in God – it doesn’t make it true.

  32. Grace says:

    Um, Monica must be American.

  33. shelly36 says:

    people get a grip now if the man is truly innocent than i guess a whole lot of yall assumed wrong when u assume u make a ass outta u and me now since u have so much time to elaborate on this issue maybe that’ll be the field you persevere in the gotdamn gossip column look at your own back yards and haters stop hateing cause u sound hatastic!

  34. shelly36 says:

    monica go lay down somewhere and regroup aint nothing fat about michelle u must be struggling with your weight keep your head out the toilet and your fingers from out your throat cause that was plain ole stupid dike!

  35. Blue in the face says:

    I am scared.

    Who will Michelle Obama take it out on when she finds out ?

    Maybe she might do like Hillary Clinton and decide that she wants to be president as well….

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