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Noah’s Ark Found Again: Just an old news recycled this 2010

May 7, 2010 by · 8 Comments 

This is just an old news recycled about the Noah’s Ark that was found again in Mount Everest. I mean, in Mount Ararat. I remember when I was in elementary, our teacher told us that the remains of Noah’s ark was found a mountain in Turkey in the early 70s. I know everybody knows the story about Noah’s ark and why it was at the top of the mountain, instead beneath the ground.

So I will not tell the story all over again. I really wonder why Noah’s ark was found AGAIN. This is really an old news that is recycled once more.

Right now, the story about Noah’s ark is grabbing the headlines of various news sites across the globe. For those who don’t know that Noah’s ark was already found decades ago, this news is new. But for those who knows about this, it’s not surprising at all.

The remains of Noah’s Ark have been discovered 13,000 feet up a Turkish mountain according to the so-called explorers. The mountain, permanently glacier-capped, is in fact a dormant volcano which last erupted in 1840.

Here's an actual photo, courtesy of FOX News, of an explorer while examining the wooden beams inside remains of Noah's Ark at the top of Mount Ararat in Turkey

Noah’s ark remains was found first by a young kid from Turkey named Kalim in February 15, 1857. A few years later, a group of American Explorers lead by Ryan Jarkinson found the remains of the ark in 1905. The ark was also claimed to be found by John Warwick Montgomery, the “Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Christian Thought”. John even wrote a book about it in the 70s. And now, it was found again by a group of Turkish and Chinese explorers, according to Fox.

I’m pretty sure that hundreds of mountaineers and explorers already found the remains of Noah’s ark before this news burst out.

I really wonder why they found it again even if it’s already found before. I think they just want to create some buzz and claim that this is another historical achievement and the group of Turkish and Chinese explorers are first to find the remains of Noah’s ark.

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8 Responses to “Noah’s Ark Found Again: Just an old news recycled this 2010”
  1. Cerah says:

    HEy didn’t you just copied that piece of trash written by your co-journalist?wow you copied period to period.

  2. Fair Pay says:

    This Is not New.This Is Fox News.Trying to Change the News as Fox Does…

  3. You see god is real im a christian i do beleive in God. HE IS COMMING SOON! i have but only 1 QUESTION? are you ready?

  4. C. Wagner says:

    “And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat.” -Genesis 8:4

    The Ark of Noah has been found on the very mountain that the Bible reported it came to rest on, Ararat. Except for a worldwide flood, how does one explain a an ancient large wooden ark, far above the tree line? (Located 13000 thousand feet up, over two miles high)

    The most remarkable thing about this new Noah’s Ark story is that the expedition archeologists were able to go inside of the structure and then identify separate rooms. I believe this expedition is the first to report an actual entry into the ark. Historically the ark has remained largely hidden within a glacier; reportedly it partially emerges occasionally and then disappears again, depending on the snow and ice levels within the glacier.

    Being covered by glacial ice may explain why the ark has been preserved so well, frozen through time. Though the ark is constructed of wood that can, if exposed, erode and crumble away through time, the ark is arguably far less effected by the standard meteorological elements than a decaying animal body would be. We know that completely intact Mastodons and Mammoths carcasses have also survived up to our modern day by means of prolonged freezing, one is on display in a Russian Museum. If animal carcasses consisting of flesh, skin, and even identifiable meals in their stomachs, can survive for thousands of years, as in the Russian example, a wooden ark, constructed with less perishable material can also survive under similar glacial freeze conditions.

  5. montanamitch says:

    If this is fake its by far the best yet, wonder what Ron w. thinks of his big rock right about now, Just remember it was pitched both with in and with out, if you thought God would not show an unbelieving world, in the day of great knowledge you are sadly wrong! wrong ! wrong and wrong!

  6. Dain Whitelaw says:

    The Ark of Noah has been found on the very mountain that the Bible reported it came to rest on, Ararat. Except for a worldwide flood, how does one explain a an ancient large wooden ark, far above the tree line? (Located 13000 thousand feet up, over two miles high)

    Someone built in on site, either in the ancient world or last week (which I suspect!) Occam’s Razor demands this be accepted as the most plausible explanation.

  7. William C Fields says:

    Yeah, and maybe they’ll find Cleopatra and Marc Antony aboard the Ark. They sure didn’t find them in Egypt last year!

  8. Eric Hall says:

    This has to be Noah’s Ark. So why all the skepticism from the usual scientic quarters? Yet our kids are asked to believe, at school, that the universe created itself. That something came from nothing and nothing made it happen. Here we have video footage of a boat matching the dimensions of Noahs Ark 134,000ft up a mountain with wood that is 4,300yrs old. I call that pretty compelling evidence.

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