No to Duct Tape – Apple to Give Away iPhone 4 Cases Instead

Remember my earlier post on Consumer Reports nifty suggestion to use a piece of duct tape to solve call reception problems cause by iPhone 4’s antenna design?

Well, it seems Apple and Steve Jobs will have none of it. While the duct tape remedy has been proven by Consumer Reports to work, based on their numerous testings, it is definitely not a good match for the sleekness of a costly phone like iPhone 4.

So, what is Apple to do? Give away bumper cases instead. During his iPhone 4 press briefing last Friday, Steve Jobs noted that Consumer Reports, among other sources, had concluded that a case (such as Apple’s own $29 Bumper) would “solve” iPhone 4 reception problems by covering the stainless steel band that acts as the new iPhone’s antenna.

Aside from giving away free cases, Jobs also promised to refund the purchase price paid by those who have already purchased Apple’s Bumpers for their iPhone 4s.

Jobs said Apple will start taking applications for free cases (whether for an Apple Bumper or a different brand of case) on its website starting next week.

Hopefully, the site will also contain instructions on how to get a refund as well.

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