No Tier 5 Unemployment Extension for 99ers in Congress, What’s Left?

No Tier 5 Unemployment Extension for 99ers in Congress, What’s Left? – What happened to the Tier 5 unemployment extension bill of the 99ers? Until now, the Senate is prioritizing a lot of bills over the the much needed bill for the unemployed Americans.

The existing unemployment extension bill called HR 4213 which was signed by Obama last July is set to expire on November 30 but until now no Tier 5 unemployment extension bill was passed in Congress. There were petitions with thousands of signatures calling the Congress to pass such bill. The 99ers even have finished two rallies to voice out their pledges to the Senators but still nothing has happened.

Although Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat from Michigan, proposed the “Americans Want To Work Act” or the S3706, the Republicans keep on blocking it. How many times did we hear Republicans saying that they are stalling the bill because it will just contribute to the burden of the US budget deficit yet we see a lot of funds go to military services in Iraq and other unnecessary expenses? What can you do as a 99er?

It seems that the last resort for now is to exercise your right of suffrage. Barely two weeks from now,  Americans will vote once again for the US Congress position on November 2. Since Republicans are against the Tier 5 unemployment extension bill, the only sane thing left to do is to vote them out. Be sure to vote on November 2. If your voices were not heard in your rallies, at least let your force be felt on November 2.

8 thoughts on “No Tier 5 Unemployment Extension for 99ers in Congress, What’s Left?

  1. My feeling is the President and Congress are not considering a Tier 5 Extension. I don’t hear it mentioned in the Media/Internet. Just hope you get lucky, know someone, speak two lanuages or get rehired by a former employer. Seems to be the way I know anyone who has gotten a job. Fortunately, after all avenues explored, Internet, Newspaper, Networking, Job Fairs, Phone Book, Employment Agency, one of my former employers call me for a job, Thank Goodness. My advice, from experience, with the number of unemployed in this Economy,keep networking.

    1. Go f Yourself Its our money that is being blown away in the middle east and we cant even take care of our own. If you don’t have people spending money then the system does not work. I don’t care what side your on.

  2. Will You HOBO UP with a GOP House?
    I recently saw the CBS 60 minutes show about the 99ers and now it is Tier 5 or Hobo Up for us 99ers. We
    live in a world with Unemployment Gone MAD and the New Depression Blues,and the CBS 60 minutes show on
    Oct 24 2010 should be eye opener for everyone with or without a job! We need a NEW Tier 5 Extended
    Unemployment Benefits Bill now or there will be a Hobo Up generation for future 99ers and others in the
    street. During 1934 a million and half Hobos rode the rails according to the U S Bureau of Transient Affairs
    and in 2011 we will need a new Government HOBO Program for 5 millions 99ers out of benefits if the GOP gains control of the house so we can learn
    to ride the freight rails safely when migrating for work . Congress can call the low buck training film
    with class (1 day) and related laws the HOBO UP ACT. The Bill can have old hobos showing the ropes to us newly minted hobos
    which should be a bill that finally finds support from the GOP. Hopefully the S3706 Bill by Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow which seeks to
    add an additional 20 weeks might find a miracle and pass after the election. Also currently IRS has only a
    $2400 U/B tax free deduction. WE in addition need the JOBLESS STUB RETRO U/B TAX FREE ACT, a proposal bill
    that makes all U/B 100% tax free. Thanks again for all any poltical support for Tier 5 from Artist Country Carl dot com
    singer of the New Depression Blues and hopefully you too won’t have to HOBO UP. Jon Stewart Rally, I will be there

  3. 99ers should get ready for another hurdle besides no tier 5 and the eventual homelessness, federal tax withheld during 2010 on your UI benefits will get you nowhere on your tax return, it isn’t claimable . you get the standard deduction
    if like me you have nothing to claim other then yourself. end result is you owe.
    and at the very least it will be $800.00 , where exactly they expect us to get it is anyone’s guess and the IRS like the rest of government just doesn’t care. neither side did anything for the unemployed, republicans were against tier 5 from the get go, dem’s were all for it until they got voted out, now they suddenly don’t give a rats fanny anymore and no one wants to hear about it. If they turn there backs on us maybe we’ll disappear like so many before us. Many wondered how all the homeless became homeless, now they know. Many of the people with jobs seem to have bought into the “99ers are lazy” propaganda and only hate. Others can “barely” stand to see government not doing anything, but only “barely”. There are many people much much worse off then I am. They have children to feed besides themselves. How do you tell a child that no one cares? That the country you have believed in and taught them to believe in, no longer believes in them? and for what? a few votes…

  4. January 23, 2011 – Does everyone realize that all 99ers become invisible once they reach the end of UI Benefits? Anyone who looks at the numbers will see that a large number of those counted as unemployed each week, are no longer counted once the benefits stop. This would then give a false impression that the Unemployment Rate is actually down slightly as the numbers indicate a decrease, but it is that the method used to count the unemployed that actually makes them invisible to the general public. This in the end then makes the U.S. Government (Congress, Senate, President) forget, out of the statistics means they no longer exist as an issue.

    All of the Long Term Unemployed need to be counted. There needs to be a change in the way the Long Term Unemployed Numbers just fall off the books by the Government Agencies after 99 weeks. People who are unemployed without benefits need to be added back into the Total Number of the Unemployed. The general public cannot feel any of the pain or suffering of those without a job longer than 99 weeks because they are no longer part of any budget, cost, or analysis. As the number of 99ers increase it is very important that there is a way to represent these Invisible Americans.

    I am a 99er and have worked in the Retail Industry for 16 years, starting as a Christmas Temporary Worker and continuing on to a Department Manager until my layoff in February 2009. Soon I will no longer be counted. After trying to create my own photography business and over a hundred applications I cannot find work that will provide income to pay my mortgage. I am thankful that UI Benefits have given me time to learn something new, but the economy is still in recession and work related to the skills I presently have are difficult to find. Count me as one of the invisible next week on January 29, 2011. NB

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