No Tier 5 Extension for 99ers: Unemployment Benefits Extension Subject to Amendments

The US Congress midterm elections were already finished but until now, no Tier 5 unemployment extension of benefits has been passed in the Congress. More so, the original unemployment extension entitled HR 4213 signed by President Obama last July is set to expire on November 30, 2010, which is less than two weeks from now.

Currently, the Congress is on a rush meeting on an unemployment extension bill called H.R. 6419 or the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Continuation Act. This bill would extend the filing deadline for federal unemployment insurance programs for three months until February 28, 2011. It contains no revenue offsets and it would not create additional weeks for people who have exhausted all their benefits. Thus, it won’t be beneficial for the millions of 99ers who still cannot find jobs up until this moment. All the efforts put into rallies and signatures gathered in various petitions calling for a Tier 5 unemployment extension have been put into trash.

With the current unemployment extension of benefits set to expire 11 days from now, this particular unemployment extension bill has been put into urgency and is being considered under the so-called expedited “suspension of the rules” process, which does not allow for amendments or motions to recommit to further delay the bill’s passage. However, it requires a 2/3rds majority vote, so the Democrats will need all their members plus 35 Republicans to vote in favor. All in all, Democrats will be needing 290 votes for it to happen.

The initial votes by the House of Representatives have been finalized and the unemployment extension bill failed with a vote of 258-154 in favor of the Republicans. Although the Democrats can still bring this up again for a vote under regular order, it will be now be subject to amendments and a Republican motion to recommit. To view a list of votes who voted for “yes” and “no”, you can go here. In addition, if you are curious enough in the contents of the unemployment extension bill being voted in the Congress, you can find a full legislative text of if here.

33 thoughts on “No Tier 5 Extension for 99ers: Unemployment Benefits Extension Subject to Amendments

  1. Well, again Republicans have lied (show of hands of who’s surprised?) The “so called pledge to america” was only written for the gain to the rich and wealthy rather than all Americans. This breed of Republicans truly have no interest in moving this economy forward. Their statement of “we pledge to advance policies that promote greater liberty, wider opportunity a robust defense and national economic prosperity.” is and was nothing more than political posturing to regain the seats and continue the damage they started over 8 years ago. Their actions are quite transparent, they want their tax cuts for the wealthy and they are going to hold the middle class, unemployed, 99ers, and economic growth hostage until they get it! They truly give true Republicans a bad name …the name of PERSONAL GREED!

  2. Because 32 ppl didn’t vote for tier 5 to be passed would just like to let u know you just killed an American I have no money no job and now no home only thing left for me to is end my life. Thought I would have some hope with this extention. And for crisis sakes all u had to do was vote yes this money is not coming out of your pockets I hope your happy

  3. The bill they shot down was to extend the filing dates for tiers 1-4 NOT A TIER 5! We are being ignored once again!!! We are all the same…UNEMPLOYED!!! STOP the tier classifications and help all the unemployed people!
    I hope they choke on their Thanksgiving dinner while millions of us suffer!!!

  4. Our government is not going to take of its people. I’ve been searching for a job for months. Absolutely nothing, I,ll do anything for a paycheck. Alot of Americans are being torn up over this; depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts never leave my mind. All we want to do is survive. Tears are are forming in my eyes as I write this; countless tears daily. GOD help us all. Its time for a revolution. We have a spineless selfish government. These people will burn in hell; there is no place in HEAVEN for heartless people. I’m scared; what does the future hold. All goog Americans need to ban together and fight to get our jobs back. Boycott all foreign made items; if its not made in America do not buy it. I can go withouy rather than buy poor quality product made in another country. GOD BLESS US ALL11111

  5. We should all print flyers and create a website. Disclosing the shame on congress and government, And let the WHOLE world see how America treat its own citizens. Especially in a time like this. Disgusting Republicans. They will rot in hell.

  6. Shame on the Republicans!!
    Since the Stimilus $$$’s were approved,spent and some $$$’s have been returned to the treasury–why can’t Tier 1-5 be extended for 3 months?????

    I seriously believe that when a Pay Raise comes on the Agenda–these AssHole “represenatives” will approve each and every dollar they can get out of us—WITHOUT CONDIDERING WHAT THE “OFFSET” IS!!!!!

  7. Attn: People,

    We have put up a subpage on the Organized Resistance page on our website for registering 99ers by state. We need to get 99ers to come to the site and leave a short comment with their name and state on the Organized Resistance page so that we can add them to the list. Please copy and post this to every site you visit. If you can find time to let as many people know as possible I think we would have a good start organizing.

  8. There goes Barbara again. The socialist entitlement is dead in the water. If it comes up again, the GOP will block it. Why don’t you put the effort into looking for that job Barbara99whiner-GA, instead of wasting everyone’s time complaining. Big Daddy loves you. POUND THE PAVEMENT

  9. I know it is terrible and it saddens me i am a 99’r…but i see something happening in the near future..if none of the tiers are extended those too will be added to the unemployed 99’r roll..people will be pissed and stand up to let the world know it..republicans ..democrats..oh what a crappy pot of gunk they will be wading in. you keep beating a dog and the day comes when the dog isnt going to take it anymore and that day is fast approaching …enjoy your thanks giving will definitively be memorable in the minds of the people that you have turned your back on..and you know what they say? For every action there is a re-action. God will certainly NOT bless you. amen

  10. At this point and time in the game, I believe the president has no other choice but to write and executive order for and extension for unemployment benefits! The midterms are over, the Republicans probably will keep their tax cuts, we hope not, but to let the unemployed people in this country go without, during the holidays this year while giving the rich a tax break, will be a nightmare for Democrats in the longrun. There are millions of families that have nothing, and they will not forget. It appears the Republicans still do not want to help the very people their party helped destroy finacially. The executive order would actually be a good thing for the economy, it would assure a good outcome with retailers, and the money would be put right back into the economy which would help stimulate every small business, and large business. It needs to be done prior to December, and I see no other way! If it does not happen I do believe the Republicans will succeed in making our president a one term president! President Obama, I am a big fan of yours and wish you nothing but success, but now is the time to stop asking and trying to work together on this issue. Now is the time to help the very people that elected you and by no fault of their own have been reduced to poverty. Children need Christmas! If you do not help the unemployed, people will never forget! Now is your chance to shine and forget the Republican bipartism crap and do what is right! This is your make it or break it chance! The unemployment numbers are not properly reflected on national television. Unemployment is much higher like several financial experts have suggested. Millions would be put back into the economy at the biggest spending time of the year. It is right for our country, economy and the American people. If the Republicans keep their tax break and the unemployed get nothing and do without this holiday season, I believe we will be headed right back where we started! People will not trust either party. Only good can come out of an executive order, and think about how many lives the president can touch at this time of year. It would be a great political move! while helping to be elected again. Do what is morally right Mr. President, We the people are counting on you!
    Happy Holidays,
    Dayton, Ohio

    1. I couldnt have said it better myself. This is the time for the President to stand up for us , the very people who put him into office and sign that order and give us all a good Christmas and remember Mr. President our children will remember this to that you gave them a Christmas when they otherwise would have never had without you. I do believe you will be re-elected if you do this because of how detrimental this issue is and the fact that you will be giving back to the very people you promised you were going to help and take care of when you were running for President. PLEASE do what is right and you will feel it in your heart once you sign that executive order because of all those little kids that will wake up christmas morning in a home and not a shelter with actual presents to open. Also, this would be a slap in the face to those stingy Republicans that always think of themselves which is not what our country was built on, were are all givers and great loving people not the stingy that the Republicans have made us all seem like to other Countries. God Bless you Mr. President and PLEASE find it in your heart to give us Unemployed people and our children a very merry christmas!!!

      I pray for us all and hope someday our Government will wake up and realize what damage has been done to our nation from the Bush era.

      Love you all

    2. Melissa…Some times it’s nice to pretend and believe in America ( Ununited states of shame America ) with unicorns and rainbows, eater grass and a carnation.

      Truth is…may each and every one of those politicians get the EBOLA virus in the White House and evolve into a big pile of worthless shit for the menuer spreader.

      happy holidays…

  11. MILLIONS More Homeless On The Way!
    TAX CUTS for the RICH and BOX CARS for US

    Ask any Hobo about economics and they say a good can opener and a water proof flint box is essential. These will be provided by the GOP TEA PARTY house.

    Try Hobo Stew (Mulligan Stew) for Thanksgiving -Get on your HOBO UP game face!

    This improvised dish was the main stay of the American Hobo camps. Mulligan Stew first appeared in print in The Yukon Midnight Sun in 1904.

    This holiday season, expect congress to depart without passing any unemployment tier extensions. The launch for the next hobo generation of 5 million begins for Christmas.

    Test your Hobo Up skill set….
    campfire (Foil Dinner) over coals adding in leftovers

    •Build fire with wood
    •Clean potatoes and slice potatoes
    •Clean and peel carrots
    •dice onions and peppers into about ¼” pieces
    •Spread butter on foil
    •Crumble ground beef into small pieces and spread out above potatoes
    •add in leftovers
    •Sprinkle seasoning

    Some Happy Holidays – Hopefully you too won’t have to HOBO UP!
    99er Country Carl, Artist of ” 99ER New Depression Blues Video – youtube

  12. What a great comment/article you wrote Melissa…why don’t you send that off to Fix news or the White House…I especially like the part of how many lives Obama can touch at this time of year. He is a parent – maybe he will read it!

    We can only hope.

  13. You folks should have saved your money and you would not be in this position. How many of YOU 99ers shopped at thrift stores, dented can stores, day old bread stores, drove a 25 year old car, and never ran the A/C before this recession problem????? Until 2 years ago, I grossed over 150K a year with the wife’s income. My family of 5 lived on just under 30K a year in Upland, Ca. I OWN my home (worth over 600K) and my 25 year old car a 1985 Suburban with 400K on it. My children (3) are all 4.0 students and have earned their way into Ivy league colleges on scholarships. I have managed to save over 1.8 million dollars and because I am a frugal investor, I am now worth over 4.3 million. YES, I did loose close to 1Mil, BUT, I still have over 4 million dollars. 95% of my friends lived well beyond their means and are now broke. IT IS ALL THEIR FAULT!!! One must learn to SAVE 30% of their income at minimum. If all of the country had done so and not bought new cars, boats, shopped at whole foods market, purchased clothing at Sax, take vacations, you would be in the same position as me. And BTW, I am DEBT FREE!!!! I am now purchasing homes in Riverside County, Ca for 25% of what they were 2-3 years ago. I will then rent them for at least 1300 per month (this is on the low side). SO, after I purchase 7 of these homes for appx 140K each, I will collect 91K per year in rent. After investing just over 1Million dollars, this will give me a return of over 9% for doing nothing but investing my hard SAVED money!!! If many of you had lived like I have, you could be doing the same thing. ALSO, after my 26 weeks of UI, I turned down any more payments as I paid into the system to only receive 26 weeks of benefits. I don’t take what I have not earned.

    Something you 99ers are not thinking of, the MAIN reason tier 5 will NEVER happen is according to my math, there are appx 1.5 million people who qualify for the 99ers situation. IF a tier 5 bill is passed, the unemployment rate will go up no less than .9%. This TODAY would have unemployment at well over 10%. This is probably a great thing so I hope you get your extension so the Dems finally be held accountable for what they and OBAMA have done. Now that the GOP has taken over they will get the economy going again with tax cuts for people like me, so I will invest my hard SAVED money to help business grow therefore I can hire some of you and I will benefit with more money in my pocket!!!

    Please do not misunderstand me. I am VERY good at what I do and I have not been able to find employment for over 2 years, it is REALLY tough out there. I have had 5 interviews out of state which the prospective employer paid for and I am still unemployed. My gripe is that people need to be more frugal with their income and quit trying to purchase things you can’t afford. For example, if you go on daily walks, bring a bag so you can pick up any cans or bottles you might see. Look for lost change and other valuable items on the sidewalk and street. I will bet I have picked up over 1K in the last 10 years on my walks. It also makes your neighborhood nicer to live in.

    Just something to think about…………

    1. Gee, if a highly skilled, responsible, proven winner such as yourself is having trouble finding work, inagine what it must be llike for the rest of us who can only dream of attaining your level of wisdom and financial responsiblity.


  14. These Republicans are very rich and don’t deserve drawing a salary which we pay for. Cut their pay and let them learn what it is to be a public servant. We are not subservient to them. They work for us, but they have forgotten that because they don’t know Americans. They are out of touch. I’ll never vote them in. Now they are holding us hostage to make more money on tax cuts. It’s sickening. They look like a bunch of indulgent humanoids.

  15. On the Ed Show last night Ed told Senator Mc Dermott that the 99ers were mad at him and to explain why Tier 5 wasn’t included in the extension package. JM said, which wasn’t very clear to me, that they would attach Tier 5 to the package. He said in 75 years Gov. never cut off benefits if unemployment was at a high rate. He said 2 years was not enough time for us. JM would not budge on the tax cut for the top 1 and 2 percent.

  16. Att: Readers

    We have set up a new website. This is a start for state by state unity. Next we will start going from county to county, and then city to city. Once we reach that point we would be able to organize active civil disobedience. Our new site is When you get there go to the Organized Resistance page. We need as many people as possible to go to the site in order to get it into Google search engine so we can begin organizing. If you have any ideas as to how to improve the site please put it as a comment on the front page story.

    1. Who in the hell do you think you are??? Att: Readers, I just got through at big daddy’s hot tub and I can’t seem to find a job. Can you help me get a free handout some where. POUND THE PAVEMENT CALL GIRL

  17. Contact your congressman, your Senator, the President and anyone else you can think of. Whatever you think about extending benefits to the 99r’s, now is the time to get active. If nothing is done to help the long term unemployed before January 1. 2012, we could be facing an economic disaster on a par with the great depression of the 30’s.

    It’s great to talk among ourselves,but we are preaching to the choir. Call, Write, demonstrate. Do what you can, than do a little more.

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