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No Tier 5 and HR 4213 Unemployment Extension Set To Expire: Congress Needs to Act Fast

June 28, 2016 by · 3 Comments 

No Tier 5 and HR 4213 Unemployment Extension Set To Expire: Congress Needs to Act Fast: Congress Needs to Act Fast – The US Congress midterm elections were finished but until now, no Tier 5 has been passed in the Congress. More so, the original unemployment extension entitled HR 4213 signed by President Obama last July is set to expire by the end of November, which is around two weeks from now.

Still, there are plenty of issues being debated for which include concerns over the budget  deficit, political insecurity after the midterms, etc. Unfortunately, the Congress needs to act fast because if they don’t pass another unemployment extension, around two million jobless victims will prematurely stop receiving benefits. That’s really sad especially because of the coming Christmas season. Definitely, this will be one of the saddest Christmas celebration for all the jobless Americans.

Apparently, aside from the issues mentioned above, there is also a debate between extending the current level of unemployment extension benefits and adding additional weeks of benefits. Which is more appropriate? Of course, it would be better if it would be both but again, Republicans will probably halt it in the Senate before it can even reach the House of Representatives.

The issue here is whether to continue to allow people who lose their jobs to get a maximum of 99 or 76 weeks of benefits (depending on the unemployment rate of their state), or to let the original unemployment extension die and only allow unemployed people to get a maximum of 26 weeks. Time is running and the Congress needs to act immediately.

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3 Responses to “No Tier 5 and HR 4213 Unemployment Extension Set To Expire: Congress Needs to Act Fast”
  1. Pat in NJ says:

    All they care about is extending the Bush Tax Cuts for themselves…remember they ARE the rich!!!!!! The 2010 Dream Act should be the UI extension with a Tier 5 for the American people…NOW that’s the real dream!!!!
    There will be millions more depressed during this holiday season than ever before and with a stroke of a pen that will all change for the better! Congress will have the blood of the unemployed on their hands if nothing is done to help us!!!!!

  2. MV-AL says:

    Call Congress! Tell your Senators to continue the expanded federal unemployment benefits program through 2011, and not extend tax giveaways to millionaires.

    You can call your Senators toll-free at 1-866-606-1189 or go to

  3. bone says:

    f@#k it I’m ready to pick up guns and turn this sh*% around!!!!

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