No Survivor in Cuba Passenger Plane Crash

No Survivor in Cuba Passenger Plane Crash – A Cuban passenger aircraft has crashed in the center of the country. Officials say that all 68 people on board were killed.

According to Cuba’s Civil Aviation Authority, rescuers have not found any survivors when they reached the site of the crash. The passengers included 28 foreigners. The other 33 passengers and seven crew members were all Cuban. Meanwhile, there has been no word on the cause of the crash.

Based on a Civil Aviation Authority statement, the foreigners on the passenger list included nine Argentines, seven Mexicans, three Dutch citizens, two German, two Australians, a French citizen, an Italian, a Spaniard, a Venezuelan and a Japanese citizen.

The state-run Aerocaribbean aircraft had been flying from the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba to Havana. The French-built ATR twin turboprop went down late on Thursday in mountains near the town of Guasimal in Santi Spiritus province. The twice-weekly flight 883 had originated in Port-au-Prince in Haiti and stopped over in Santiago.

The pilot reported an emergency before contact was lost. The emergency crews and local residents had to use bulldozers to cut through thick vegetation to reach the crash scene. Then, they pulled bodies from the wreckage but found no-one alive.

One of the witnesses described the crash as a ball of flame in the middle of the mountain. For the meantime, it is unclear if bad weather was a factor in the accident. A tropical storm warning had been issued in Santiago de Cuba province where the plane took off.

As of now, aviation and regional authorities are still gathering the facts and details and have created a commission to investigate the incident.

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