No Filipinos For This Year’s Miss Asia Pageant

You’re reading it right. No Filipinos are allowed to joined this year’s Miss Asia Pageant. This event is organized by the Asia Television Limited or ATV which is broadcast company in Hong Kong way back 1985. The event was stopped from the 2000 up to 2003 and was then relaunched in 2004. It is being participated by countries Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, India, Singapore, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Vietnam.

In this year’s contest, the committee has decided to bring back the rules in 2007 wherein Chinese from various places are allowed to participate. However, this year, after the incident that has happened in the Philippines wherein a former Filipino police officer hijacked a tourist bus packed with Hong Kong citizens causing eight of them dead, the organization decided to not invite Filipino contestant. They are worrying that if a Filipino contestant comes to HK, she would be discriminated by others thus affecting the mood of the whole contest.

A spokesperson from ATV’s PR has confirmed the new with the following statement: “To prevent Filipino contestant feeling embarrassed after coming to HK, so they won’t be invited to compete in this pageant. Hong Kongers are still sad about this tragedy. In order to prevent Hong Kongers feeling embarrassed, this action doesn’t count as an abuse of power. We’re not discriminating Filipinos. We are considering their feelings, don’t want them to get hurt emotionally.”

The tragic hostage taking crisis in the Philippines lately has made the lives of Filipinos working and living in Hong Kong nowadays as they were facing discriminations and condemnations. The Philippine government is on the process of their investigation of the incident as well as allowing Hong Kong authorities to have their own under Philippine authorities’ supervision.

2 thoughts on “No Filipinos For This Year’s Miss Asia Pageant

  1. i read the whole page about this up coming miss asia pageant that will be hosting by hong kong.

    and my reflection is i’m still happy that your reason for not letting filipinos to join the said pageant, is to keep us filipinos not to be embarrased out of the pageant..

    i wish that the incedent did not happened.we are very sorry for what happend.
    i cannot blame hongkong nationals’ to get mad at us filipinos, but my concern is , that it is not us all filipino’s fault.

    anyways, we filipinos,especially me, is hoping to have peace between our country as soon as posible. though i know, it will not be easy to forget what is just happen.

    1. This proves how narrow-minded the organizers are.

      There have been two Bali bombings in the past targetting Aussie visitors.

      Did Australia stop Indonesians from entering their country? NO.

      In fact, they strengthened ties with Indonesia. Proof of this is the fact that AusAID accommodates more INDONESIAN scholars than any other nationality in the world.

      But what is Miss Asia anyway, it’s a bias pageant. They always win.

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